TechRules offer a broad range of financial solutions to retail and personal banking, private wealth managers and the entire financial industry.

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Developed as modular web solution with SOA services, provides a differentiated service covering the entire process of financial advice.Is a complete, easy-to-use, quick to implement and higly scalable solution that enables clients to benefit from the full industrialization of Wealth Management.
MODEL PORTFOLIOS (structured and personalized advice)
Completely integrated with clients business, participating in the creation and maintenance of their model portfolios, as well as in the development of executive and commercial reports that the client may request, always with independence and objectiveness to generate value to them.
Online analytical tools that allow clients to obtain quantitative information of the market in a fast and objective way. Offers investor with analysis methods focused on risk control. Quick and easy to integrate with existing applications, offers broad asset universe and objectivity in the analysis.
Advanced and web-based solution that integrates fund information in an easy-to-use application. Enables clients to consolidate both internal and external data vendorĀ“s feeds, perform advanced risk/return calculations, meet compliance and legal requirements and define the output in multiple formats.
Face the current market competitors with a tailor-made solution a platform easy to implement, Full compliance and Easy integration The core is a flexible multitask platform with all requirements: model portfolios, CRM, reporting, rebalancing and a safe communication channel with the custodian.