Morningstar is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Our mission is to create great products that help...

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Morningstar Direct
Welcome to everything Morningstar—comprehensive investment information, proprietary analytics, and investment research from one of the world’s largest teams of independent analysts. Let us show you how Morningstar DirectSM gives asset managers, research analysts, and financial advisors the...
Morningstar Managed Portfolios
Using Morningstar Managed Portfolios you can provide your clients with access to professionally managed portfolios designed to help them stay on track to meet their goals.
Morningstar Advisor Workstation Enterprise Edition
Custom-configured platform for complete client service. Morningstar advisor workstation provides advisors with client reporting, reporting hypothetical illustrations and planning tools. Advisors can efficiently analyze investments and portfolios to give recommendations using reports and information the clients can understand. ...
Morningstar Data
You will find new areas to research by combining our powerful insights and expansive data to map uncharted paths for investing where nothing existed before. Calculations such as private equity, fixed income, and sustainability are used to enhance our own data. Investors use our research and ratings to make decisions about how they invest their...
Morningstar Entreprise Components
We are a full-service provider, from the data and research itself to the APIs and components that power the experience, we give institutions online resources for investment analysis and education.
Morningstar Direct for Wealth Management
A web-based investment analysis platform for wealth managers to research investments and communicate between teams.
Morningstar Direct for Asset Management
Understand how your strategies fit within the context of a portfolio by evaluating them with the same metrics and data that your clients use. Perform advanced peer analysis across risk and performance to strengthen your position.
Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC
Credit ratings and analysis that cover asset-backed securities, commercial and residential real estate securities, and corporate and financial institutions.
Morningstar Office Cloud
Use portfolio management software that delivers research investors trust and data you can depend on, while raising expectations for your client chats.
Morningstar Reporting Solutions
You can use our tools to build templates and generate marketing materials, regulatory documents, or other custom reports. Our support team is equipped with regional expertise and ready to help.