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Integrated Payments Bureau
A hosted service for UK payment requirements, which can be accessed on a regular basis,for contingency, disaster recovery or ad hoc situations. The service allows you to outsource and automate cheque production, Bacs Direct Credit payments, Bacs Direct Debit collections and Faster Payments.
Checkprint Banking Assistant
Cheque and cash deposit management system that supports customers receiving cheque payments. It combines a desktop cheque scanner to capture the image and details from the cheques with comprehensive software that creates and balances your batch for banking and generates a searchable archive.
Checkprint Solution
Provides a secure and user friendly cheque and credit printing system incorporating software and Pira accredited hardware. Software is based on proven in-house production systems. All cheques, remittances and credits can be in-filled from customer’s accounting systems.
Remote Deposit Capture
The TALL Group is at the forefront of cheque scanning and cheque imaging initiative, enabling existing and new customers to fully understand, and then implement the relevant software application and cheque scanning hardware to take full advantage of the reduced clearing cycle and remote deposit
CheckMate UV Fraud Prevention Software Tools
Using a range of automatic checks, including the invisible ultraviolet (UV) print content present in all UK cheques, CheckMate® UV Fraud Prevention Software delivers a confidence level assessment of the validity of the item, removing any manual, subjective checking process at the very start of the reduced clearing time cycle. The TALL Group...