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Credit Risk Management Platform
ACTICO's Credit Risk Management Platform is a robust and scalable software solution for credit risk management. The platform is used by banks, financial service providers, and corporations for assessing and managing credit risks. Core features of the platform include capturing and spreading financial statements as well as a flexible...
Credit Bureau Gateway
ACTICO's Credit Bureau Gateway offers standardized and highly reliable connectivity with external data providers, such as credit bureaus. ACTICO provides standardized connectors for various credit bureaus worldwide. The modular application design reduces maintenance efforts, and allows for easy integration of additional data providers. Visit...
Compliance Suite
With the Compliance Suite, ACTICO offers software solutions that fulfill highest compliance requirements at banks, financial service providers and insurance companies. Our well reknown customers rely on our compliance modules for various application areas, such as: detecting money laundering and fraud, embargo and transaction...
ACTICO Platform for Decision Management
ACTICO Platform is a highly flexible software technology for automating and optimizing operational decisions. It is used by banks, financial service providers and insurance companies to digitalize their decision-centric core business processes.
ACTICO Rules is ACTICO's intuitive business rules management system. Companies around the world use ACTICO Rules to gain business agility, become more flexible and respond rapidly to ever-changing market and regulatory demands. Visit our website to learn more and download the brochure >>