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Barra Aegis System - Advanced equity portfolio construction
An integrated suite of equity investment analytics modules, specifically designed to help you actively manage your equity risk against your expected returns. It also enables you to construct optimized portfolios and back-test your most data-intensive long-short equity strategies.   Now available for download is Aegis 4.2, using the new...
BarraOne - Web-based, multi-asset class risk platform
While many pension plans, asset managers & hedge funds seek to better understand their risk allocation, they don't always have the resources to manage complex portfolio management systems. With BarraOne you can access our powerful investment analytics via the web. Broad asset & market coverage.
Barra Models - The industry's leading multi-factor models
Data accuracy sets Barra risk models apart. The data used in our models is developed and refined by teams of experienced professionals who aggregate and cleanse raw data from more than 160 third party sources around the world, creating a database that is without peer in its depth and accuracy.
Barra Optimizer - Integrates in your investment platform
Barra Optimizer is a software library, which enables you to connect the Barra optimization engine to your own investment platform, to address advanced portfolio optimization cases, and access innovative research and support resources.
Barra Cosmos - Global fixed income portfolio construction
Make better-informed decisions. Incorporate your own investment style. Stress test portfolios, calculate expected returns using your views on market conditions. Create optimal portfolios reflecting your desired risk/return tradeoffs & mandate constraints.For more details please visit
Barra Fixed Income Models Direct
Barra Fixed Income Models Direct delivers the Barra Fixed Income Model and Analytics Engine in an open format designed to provide a convenient method for integration into your existing investment processes. This open access to the risk model supports implementations of custom risk systems and enables model data to be used in your strategy...
MSCI International Equity Indices
Designed to represent the investable opportunity set for international investors, the MSCI International Equity Indices are the most widely used global benchmarks in the industry. They are used: to benchmark more than an estimated USD 3 trillion  by over 2,200 institutions globally  as the benchmark for over 90% of all...
MSCI Global Index Monitor - Online access to MSCI Indices
Quick and easy online access to market-leading MSCI Equity Indices. MSCI Barra now offers convenient online access to a range of index and security level data for over 10,000 MSCI country, regional and sector equity indices. MSCI Global Index Monitor is a new, members-only, section of MSCI Barra’s public website, aimed specifically at...