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Armanta Asset Management
Armanta Asset Management is a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio management solution, easily customizable to your workflow and unique needs. In-memory MPP enables live what-if of holdings and strategies, custom benchmarking, with implementation time-to-results in under three months.
Armanta Liquidity Risk Management
A unique solution for Liquidity Risk Management - Enterprise-wide, industrial strength, high-performance, high-volume, using in-memory MPP. Everything is live and dynamic. Users "self-serve" creating scenario, stress, collateral analyses across the organization on-the-fly with results in seconds.
Armata CVA and Counterparty Credit Risk
Armanta enables enterprise-wide analyses of Counterparty Credit Risk and the live calculation CVA, DVA et al. Data is aggregated dynamically where it resides. Ad hoc questions can be asked iteratively with response time in seconds. Implementation time-to-results is two to three months.
Armanta Enterprise/Integrated Risk Management
High-performance analytics, dynamically aggregating data across the enterprise live and enabling real-time analytics across all risks. Ad hoc user interaction with no need to pre-conceive. Armanta handles high volumes of data, netting hierarchies, limits management and powerful what if analyses.
Armanta Available Collateral Management
Live, dynamic, fully transparent and efficient tracking of available collateral management in a high-performance MPP in-memory technology. View collateral across the organization - by business lines, legal entities and currencies, as mandated by Basel III, FSA, CRD4 and U.S. Interagency regulations