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DC-PRO - Online Letter of Credit Library
DC-PRO is the ICC Approved, fully searchable library of Letter of Credit information including ICC Rules, ICC Opinions, IIBLP Legal Case Summaries, ISBP, LC News, DC Insight magazine and much more. It provides critical operational information to Documentary Credits professionals.
Incoterms ® 2010 Online Training
Official ICC Online Training in the new Incoterms® 2010 which came into effect in January. Comprehensive training in all aspects of Incoterms Rules, Interactive Case Studies simulating real life situations, and an online Assessment. Each trainee will receive an ICC Certificate with thei score.
Mentor 600 - Online Training in UCP 600
Mentor 600 is the only ICC Approved online training course in UCP 600. It teaches all aspects of the new LC rules. It consists of 12 hours of training, followed by interactive case studies and an online Assessment. On completion users receive an ICC Certificate with their personal results.
DC-Master - Advanced online training in Letters of Credit
Advanced online training in Documentary Credits. Structured training in Letters of Credit and UCP600 for experienced staff. Fully ICC Approved. Course content has been written by Gary Collyer, Technical Advisor to the ICC Banking Commission. Qualifies for 12 PDU credits towards CDCS recertification.
ISP Master - Online Training in Standby LCs and ISP98
Comprehensive online training course in Standby Letters of Credit . Covers ISP98 Rules with comparison of treatment under UCP 600. Content developed with James Byrne of the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice (IIBLP) and Gary Collyer, Technical Advisor to the ICC Banking Commission.