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bMASTER Enterprise Banking System
bMASTER Enterprise Banking System is a complete, technologically advanced Core Banking packaged solution, suitable for Financial Institutions. It covers a wide range of business processes that take place within a financial institution, such as wholesale, multi-channel and retail banking. It is suitable for Financial Institutions seeking a...
UNI | Payments Hub
UNI|Payments Hub (UNI|pay) is a state of the art multi banking payment system responsible for handling the financial institutions, incoming and outgoing remittances from any defined payment channel (SWIFT, EBA, Target, SEPA).
Global Treasury Back Office
Global Treasury Back Office is a highly sophisticated multi-banking treasury back office system designed to automatically settle deals (Foreign Exchange, Derivatives, Money Market, Structured Products, Bonds, Repos, etc). Its advanced architecture permits this system to adapt quickly and effectively to any core banking system
eLOANS Consumer Finance Solution
The eLoans Consumer Finance Solution is based on an advanced meta-banking model designed to support financial institutions through modern distribution channels in a branch-less environment. Fully parametrical and flexible allows financial institutions to customize their products and services. It is suitable for Financial Institutions seeking a...
flexiLOAN is a technologically advanced solution designed for Financial Institutions specializing in lending services. Contains a Collateral Registry covering all types of collaterals and Multi-level Limit Explorer managing realtime the exposure of the customer, group or financial organization.