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LOXON Lending
Loxon Lending system is a flexible, state of the art software solution for supporting both retail and corporate lending activities of financial institutions. The system patronizes the changing business requirements supporting loan decision and administration activities.
LOXON Collateral Management
Main task of the system is to manage: all types of banking collaterals, daily monitoring of exposure and coverage, coherent handling of collateral data, revaluations, analysis of collateral portfolio at actual value, Basel II compliance, allocation of collaterals for optimal RWA, provisions, etc
LOXON Collection Management
The main function is to support the bank’s (or a Lease Company’s) collection workflow. In this framework the application monitors the delinquent deals from the very first day of delinquency until the day when the client pays all obligations or until the bank claims are executed on another way.
LOXON Rating/Scoring
Loxon Rating/Scoring system is a software engine for calculating client/transaction based rating/scoring for loan approval, limit calculation or any other possible application area where the credit assessment should be used (risk based pricing, historical PD estimation, Basel II).
LOXON Basel2
Loxon Basel2 risk calculation engine is an integrated risk management system serves the quantification of risk, capital adequacy and reporting needs for the Bank according to Basel II. The system is built on a modular logic: credit risk; economic capital calculation, simulation and stress testing.