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Sinara Market Data Platform (SinaraMDP)
SinaraMDP is a flexible and scalable system for handling a wide range of market data sources, combining external data with internal content, which allows clients to build and integrate data and applications using a powerful set of APIs. Handles streaming, time-series and reference data.
Systems for LME and other commodity exchange trading
From our work on large projects for the London Metal Exchange over many years, we bring technical and market expertise that is well suited to firms seeking to get the most out of their LME connectivity or deliver new offerings in the metals or other commodities space.
Bespoke Software Development for Trading Firms
The development of software systems for financial firms has been a core part of Sinara’s business for 30 years. Our experienced development teams have a proven track record of delivering technically challenging projects, from database-driven websites and apps through to complex real-time systems.
Sinara Reconciliation Engine
Sinara’s Reconciliation Engine is a powerful and configurable tool which assists in the management of work related to the reconciliation of records arriving on two or more data sources. Typically used for OTC and derivative trade matching and reconciliation.
Universal Data Extractor
UDE is a highly configurable system enabling automated extraction of data values from unstructured sources (text, HTML, PDF). Applications include generation of fundamental data (e.g. dividends) from news stories and large documents. UDE can be customised by adding new sources and extraction rules.