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EventMonitor Research Portal (EMRP)
EventMonitor Research Portal is a flexible research management portal for investment management firms. Built atop a real-time event processing platform, EMRP provides real-time processing, data set integration, and configurable work flows that can be mapped to a wide range of investment strategies.
EventMonitor Opportunity Detection (EMOD)
EventMonitor Opportunity Detection (EMOD) builds on the EM Core to provide real-time scanning of multiple data sources for filtering, implementation of quantitative trading models and complex event detection. EMOD incorporates a number of built in features for trading analysis.
Event Monitor Data Accelerator (EMDA)
Event Monitor Data Accelerator (EMDA) is an advanced, highly optimized time series database server for caching, storing and querying tick data or other large market data sets. EMDA enables complex, high-speed analysis to be performed, and can be utilized for high-speed analysis on large data sets.
EventMonitor Execution Monitoring (EMEM)
EventMonitor Execution Monitoring (EMEM), delivered via the Web, provides advanced execution analyses. Clients can see detailed studies of execution shortfall and analysis of their trading.
EventMonitor Core (EM Core)
At the heart of Event Monitor’s solutions is EventMonitor Core (EM Core), a powerful parallel and distributed event-driven data computation system that addresses the core requirements for running analytic processes and scalable applications for financial services firms.