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Operational & Financial Risk Management
Market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk and credit risk are just some of the treasury and trading risks to which many of today’s organisations are exposed to. At FMB Solutions we can help organisations identify, quantify, measure, manage and report all of the above risks at any level.
Front, middle & back office solutions
Asisting organisations to mitigate financial and operational risk and achieve efficiencies in treasury and financial trading environments, through independent risk management advice, business process re-engineering, technology selection and implementation and project management.
Business Process Reengineering
FMB Solutions facilitates and helps organisations identify and understand what a best practice operational treasury environment looks and feels like, and how this compares to their current environment in terms of people, processes and technology. We then deliver this enviroment for our customers.
Project Management
FMB Solutions tackles projects from a business perspective by helping organisations understand their business requirements in order for the project to deliver its requirements on time, specification and to budget, helping the organisation achieve the objectives it initially set out to achieve.
Multi-media training solutions
FMB Solutions can customise multi-media procedure and training tutorials to suit your organisation and project requirements. These tutorials are a smarter, more user-friendly and efficient way to deploy what were once the standard paper-based operating manuals that were rarely ever used.