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TRMTracker is a full featured energy and commodity trading & risk management tool that supports the full lifecycle of trading. TRMTracker provides straight-through-processing from deal capture, to settlement and accounting. TRMTracker offers functionality in the following areas: Ø Deal Capture Ø Price Curve Management Ø ...
FASTracker automates the hedge accounting process from accounting policy, to hedge relationships, to journal entries. The system supports hedge, M2M accounting, and netting of assets and liabilities. FASTracker complies with all FAS, IAS and IFRS legislation.
SettlementTracker is a comprehensive settlement and accounting software that can be used to settle complex Purchase Power Agreements and other energy contracts. SettlementTracker prepares invoices and remittance statements and fully integrates with GL systems.Automated links to the General Ledger.
Enterprise software solution for managing GHG and other emissions. EmissionsTracker provides comprehensive end-to-end solution for your tracking, compliance, trading, settlement and accounting processes. Workflow is managed from generation, to trading, risk management, settlement and reporting.
Enterprise-wide Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) tracking, trading, compliance, settlement and accounting management solution. RECTracker supports multiple regions, multiple subsidiaries simultaneously. RECTracker provides custom compliance and reporting tools for an automated corporate workflow.