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Aon Inpoint: - Reinsurance and financial accounting/reporting services - Recovering unidentified reinsurance - Reinsurance system implementation

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Inpoint - Outsource Solutions
We specialize in reinsurance and financial operations solutions for (re)insurers and government entities, ranging from short-term administration to long-term support. Services include ceded/assumed reinsurance operations, financial accounting/reporting, and Residual Market Accounting automation.
Inpoint - ReFinder (SM)
Inpoint identifies and collects previously unidentified reinsurance. We leverage sophisticated analytical technology and technical expertise in reinsurance to help clients find unknown assets. To date over $75M has been identified and collected for clients - provided on a contingent basis.
Inpoint - (Re)Insurance Consulting
Inpoint offers consulting services to insurers, reinsurers and government entities focusing in 3 areas: financial reporting, claims management and operational excellence. We leverage our expertise in reinsurance, accounting, claims, commutations and collections to improve operational efficiencies.
Reinsurance System Integration
Inpoint provides comprehensive support for reinsurance system integrations, including needs analysis; requirements definition; workflow enhancements; contract review and interpretation; transaction backlog support; and full project management support.
Reinsurance Commutations
Inpoint, through its extensive experience in leading commutation construction and negotiations for clients, has commuted over $675M in commutations. Services are provided on a contingent basis so clients only pay when there's been a successful outcome achieved.