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GFI Market Data
GFI is a key OTC execution venue for cash and derivative products. GFI Market Data is ideally positioned to provide capital markets with data that refers to actual executable market prices and trade information, reflecting market sentiment rather than indications gleaned through consensus pricing.
BGC Market Data
BGC Market Data is one of the world’s leading providers of real-time, executable, indicative, end-of-day, and historical OTC market data. Our independent and verifiable OTC content is sourced directly from BGC’s global broking operations, including electronic venues, pricing systems and analytics.
FENICS Professional
Founded in 1987, FENICS quickly became the industry standard pricing tool for FX options. FENICS has more than 29 years’ experience of providing intuitive solutions for the FX derivatives market spanning from pre-trade analysis, risk management, automated client price distribution, and post trade processing. The full range of API’s...
FENICS is a subsidiary of BGC Partners, Inc. (NASDAQ:BGCP), a leading global brokerage company servicing the financial and real estate markets. FENICS Professional™ is licensed for use at over 350 client sites worldwide. FENICS operates from offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. 
FENICS Market Data
FENICS® Market Data is a leading provider of real-time, tradeable, indicative, end-of-day, and historical OTC market data. Our data is sourced directly from the voice and electronic trading systems, and pricing analytics of the global brokerage operations of BGC, GFI, Amerex, RP Martin, Freedom, Remate, MINT, Perimeter and BGC Liquidez,...