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Virtusa helps banks explore Blockchain initiatives to automate the tracking of cross-border payments, clearings, and settlements. With our use-case repository, we help you evaluate best-fit solutions in our sandbox environment for processes such as post trade, trade finance, and remittance.
Digital Payments
Virtusa digital payments solutions helps clients with the strategies they need to transform their digital out (UX) and digital-in (platform) areas. Our solutions span mobile payments, electronic billing, third-party wallets, cross-border payments, and payments through IoT devices and wearables.
Open Banking & API Banking
Virtusa has robust methodologies, offers end-to-end services and has a host of adaptors that connect APIs to core banking systems, blockchain rails, & banking specific messaging systems. We have: - A curated list of APIs from over 50 fintech companies - Been vetted as an industry consultant for BIAN
Risk Monitoring with Inbuilt Analytics
Virtusa deploys customized risk monitoring solutions after ascertaining the required risk measures and their appropriate dimensions. Our deep capabilities in decision science and hands-on experience across makes it possible to measure, quantify, and deploy predictive risk models.
Smart Portals
Virtusa Smart Portal helps make your supply chain, cash management, and financing functions more efficient. The solution provides seamless integration through APIs, omnichannel entitlements and security, intelligent data power analytics, and streamlined onboarding to enable better decision making.