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4S.Everglades™ - Automated Trading for Alpha and Execution
Take your automated and algorithmic trading strategies to market, operating them tick by tick in real time. FIX connectivity, real time indicator monitoring, blotters for signals, orders, executions and transactions, compliance checking, P&L reporting and sophisticated scheduling are all included.
4S.Yellowstone™ - Backtesting Automated Trading Strategies
Design, backtest and optimize automated trading strategies. Develop muti-currency, multi asset arbitrarily complex, multi-position strategies. Gain full transparency into the decision process, signal generation, trades, transactions and P&L using historical price, fundamental or custom data (news).
4S.Rocky Mountain™ - Liquidity Provider Analytics
Obtain detailed metrics on the composition and quality of the individual streams provided by LPs as well as the aggregated pools that are generated from them. Analytics include spreads, depth, relative book position and data quality metrics and changes in the quote book history.
4S.Analytic Dashboard - Order Flow, Risk & Market Analytics
Run real time analytics on order flow and position/P&L data for execution quality monitoring, risk management and customer trends. Gain critical decision support and idea generation advantages with alerts on market activity anomalies and outliers on portfolios and individual instruments.
4S.Klondike™ - Pairs Trading Research
4S.Klondike™ is a data mining tool which quickly scans large volumes of securities data to identify timely pairs trading opportunities based on a variety of statistical tools such as correlation, regression, ratio analysis and others. Multi-asset tool supports complex screening and ranking models.