Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY) helps businesses pay and get paid. Businesses and banks rely on Bottomline for domestic and international payments, effective cash management tools, automated workflows for payment processing and state of the art fraud detection, behavioural analytics and regulatory compliance.

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Hosted Multi Connectivity Payment Hub
Our cloud-based financial messaging and payments platform provides a single point of access to multiple payment networks, complete with value-added services.
Commercial Banking Solutions
Intelligent, secure B2B and B2C payment solutions making commercial banking easy. Our solution provides complete payment and cash management capabilities empowering you to become an intelligent business enabler. It puts you in a faster payment’s ecosystem with real-time payment enablement and embedded fraud protection.
GT Suite (Bridge, Cloud, Data, Exchange, Frame, Match)
GTSuite is comprised of individual and modular components, each providing best-in-class solutions for financial transactions. Relied upon each day by the world’s largest financial institutions, monetary authorities and corporations, GTSuite is available as a licensed application or provided as a hosted service via GTCloud.
ISO 20022
Find out how customers can hit ISO 20022 regulatory deadlines and implement a platform to develop new revenue streams.
Data Analytics - Store & Track
Accelerate your data strategy with a globally accessible repository that enables an end-to-end view of all financial messages.
Real-Time Payments
Compliance and regulatory timescales have limited the number of new entrants to the Real-Time Payments ecosystem in the UK. As an alternative Bottomline offers access to the Faster Payments Scheme, via API connectivity without the need for scheme approval. Domestic customers and those outside the UK will be able to extend their reach to their UK...
Securities Management
Take back control and have full visibility over your securities settlement process. Gain visibility across different asset classes, geographies and systems. Our solutions for connectivity, reconciliation, corporate action management, market data, tracking and alerts can be used independently or consolidated via an intelligent dashboard for...
Secure Payments
Protect payments across a variety of applications, channels and payment types. Secure payments actions using highly configurable strategies, leveraging industry-leading analytical models which include profiling and machine learning.
SWIFT GPI & Universal Confirmations
Explore multiple options for connectivity to the SWIFT Tracker that meet each customer’s strategic objectives.
Visa B2B Connect
A new multilateral payment network designed to deliver predictable & transparent cross-border transactions.