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Company Insights

MX Founder on the shift from digital banking

1st March 2016

Innovation in technology is creating the opportunity for traditional finance players to streamline their business operations, compete more closely with their peers and offer customers a better deal. But with clunky legacy systems and a broadly conservative approach to change, integrating new technology is tough even when the will is there. Enter...
Blackhawk Networks President on the future of prepaid

16th February 2016

Starting out as a subsidiary of US supermarket giant Safeway, today Blackhawk Network offers prepaid cards across more than 600 brands and in 24 countries. President of Safeway since 2010, Talbott Roche initially joined the business back in 2001 as assistant VP back when it was still a specialty marketing division of Safeway. During an interview in...
Payments Predictions: Hidden Brain Founder Talks

10th December 2015

The tech prediction season is in full swing as we reach the end of the year. In payments, however, there’s no point asking what the key trends will be next year. While innovation around financial services is at an all-time peak, tangible change simply doesn’t happen overnight. That’s according to Hidden Brain founder and CEO...
The Future Of Fintech, According to the Founder of Money20/20

7th December 2015

The Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas, earlier this year, provided an overview of the key trends and challenges facing the financial services ecosystem.  Interviewees in The Bancorp’s Finetics™ Studio at Money20/20 were asked about the next big thing in fintech, the reality of adoption and what is so compelling about...
The mobile payments race: an overview

2nd April 2014

The Changing Face of Mobile Payments: an overview of the mobile revolution, charts the rapid increase in the global adoption of mobile payments, explores the technologies and business models gaining prominence and examines the next areas ripe for growth and investment. It’s an exciting time for the mobile payments industry. As...