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At 60, COBOL continues to power FS

9th September 2019

In the world of commerce, disruptive technology can make all the difference, but so often comes from simple idea, and usually one borne out of necessity. Caxton’s printing press was based on the need to produce larger quantities of written material to the court. The automobile was an attempt to support greater workforce mobility to the...
The right policy: The insurance market and digital transformation

8th May 2019

It’s official. Insurance has moved on. It is very big business and new technologies have changed how agencies offer their products – as well as how customers buy their cover. It’s a  revolution that demands modernization.   The $1.2trn insurance industry understands this need to modernize, with insurers spending...
Dependable delivery, without the digital drama

17th April 2019

In an era of digital transformation - not to mention a lot of economic and regulatory change - things are moving quickly. For many financial services organizations this means unprecedented pressure to  innovate to remain relevant and competitive. And the results are starting to show: in early 2019, Spanish multinational BBVA confirmed it...
Making the money work – smart IT modernization

26th July 2018

Driving to Digital In an era of digital transformation, not to mention a lot of economic and regulatory change, for many organizations this means unprecedented pressure to deliver new innovation to remain relevant and competitive. With studies revealing that only 5% of organizations winning at digital transformation, the ever-increasing pace and...
The modern mainframe – a platform for the digital age?

9th July 2018

When we take money out of an ATM, open a new bank account, get a new car insurance quote online, or simply check our account balance on a mobile device, a mainframe somewhere is handling the request. Mainframes are the bedrock of the financial services industry. According to a study by BMC, over two-thirds of the mainframe community are now...
Banks need to find a new IT approach to tackling regulation

24th March 2014

Since the Enron scandal and in the recent period of economic austerity, the public has borne witness to unprecedented scrutiny into industrial-scale problems. High profile banking outages – such as those reported at RBS, Santander, Barclays and HSBC – hand in hand with LIBOR rigging, PPI mis-selling and insider trading, has fuelled...