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Company Insights

The importance of pricing controls in fund valuation

18th April 2019

Since the global financial crisis, regulators have given increased attention to the responsibilities of fund management companies* in overseeing their delegated functions. The US Investment Company Act of 1940, and AIFMD and UCITS in Europe, are clear that – while the valuation function may be outsourced – the overall responsibility for...
Selecting the right data management platform

11th December 2018

As more market participants realize how essential strong data governance is over the past few years, the market for enterprise data management (EDM) solutions has grown exponentially. While there are many vendors out there, choosing the right one can be crucial for the firm’s long-term success. Bobsguide spoke with Maurice Heffernan, Chief...
Understanding data lineage in asset management: Where did our data come from?

24th January 2018

  Understanding where data comes from or answering simple questions such as “who has modified this value and why?” remains a major challenge. It is widely accepted that data quality underpins an asset manager’s ability to operate its business efficiently whilst also enabling it to meet client reporting and regulatory...
Market data usage: Taking control with a strategic approach to sourcing

20th June 2017

With ever-changing commercial models and more stringent licensing agreements, market and reference data costs and usage compliance are big focus areas for most financial institutions. However, while keeping costs down is a priority, getting data usage under control can prove a significant challenge. All capital market participants depend on...