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Company Insights

Top banking trends for 2019 and how banks need to prepare

21st January 2019

Many banks have been reviewing their branch networks over the last five years. In 2019 banks will continue to review their locations – relocating away from underperforming areas and into new spots of higher footfall and with more demand for banking services, such as out of town shopping centres. Banks will continue to...
Mind the gap: skills for working in the bank branch of the future

26th June 2018

Despite regular news about closures, the death of the bank branch is rather exaggerated. Even with cuts, major high street banks expect to retain nationwide branch networks, and many are investing in new branches. Challengers like Metro Bank are even opening more branches. Branches have been evolving since the first ATMs were installed over 50...
Is banking ready for the ageing population boom?

4th May 2018

On average the populations of major Western societies are getting older. In the UK, in less than two years, the number of consumers aged 65 or over will rise by over a million and in little over 20 years one in seven people will be over 75 years of age. While this will bring challenges for the economy as a whole, this will be a demographic tidal...
Why banks need to rethink their approach to ATMs and the cloud

22nd March 2018

Over the past few years it has been difficult to escape the cloud conversation in the technology space. Efficiency, cost savings and an open, flexible infrastructure are the primary reasons for investment into the cloud and banks have been driving much of this innovation. Not to mention challenger competitors using the cloud to rapidly build a...
The role of big data in banking and how it can be used to drive a successful omnichannel strategy

5th February 2018

With the proliferation of the internet and smart devices, businesses have access to more data than ever before. Finding ways to extract value from this data has been a goal for some time, and led to a great deal of hype around big data (so-called digital “black gold”). Nonetheless, there are real rich insights that could be elicited...
What will be the most significant banking trends in 2018? From challenger banks to white label hubs

18th December 2017

Before bankers’ offices empty out and everyone heads home for mince pies and mulled wine, we wanted to take a moment and consider the year ahead for retail banking and self-service technologies. Here are the key trends we think could l shape the industry in 2018. Challenger banks to continue generating a buzz The hype around...
Four key trends in Self Service Banking we discovered last week

31st May 2017

Last week in London, hundreds of key stakeholders from across the self-service banking industry came together for Self Service Banking Europe 2017 London. In a sunny London, software providers, hardware suppliers and banks all came together to talk about the exciting transformations happening in our banking industry. While there was much discussed,...
Why the digital age might not kill off the bank branch

6th April 2017

The bell is tolling for bank branches. The stream of closure notices doesn’t seem to be easing with RBS announcing only last month a further wave of neighbourhoods, towns and villages set to lose their local Natwest bank.  Some may believe that it is inevitable the bank branch will become extinct within a matter of years. This really...