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Company Insights

Video: Insurers turn to tech amid disruption and payouts

24th September 2020

Insurers are embracing technology as the pandemic continues to disrupt the industry, but interest in partnerships does not yield immediate implementation. “We’ve definitely seen an uptick in interest and demand – people reaching out, wanting to understand what’s possible, how a solution might work for them and to explore...
Video: “Panic and preparation” in insurance as IFRS 17 looms

10th July 2019

Pockets of panic are rampant among market participants as the reality of complying with IFRS 17 comes into focus, according to Mike Kelly, insurance sector lead at AutoRek. As part of bobsguide’s InsurTech video series, Kelly was speaking on a panel focused on preparations for the new rules. He added that a lot of firms are in “full...
Mifid crackdowns can be smoothed with software enhancements

7th May 2019

With historic fines being levied for breaches of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (Mifid) and national conduct authorities (NCAs) suggesting plans to administer the directive much more onerous follow-up – Mifid II – market participants must build in systems to assist with transaction reporting obligations. “The...
Mifid II: one year on

22nd January 2019

Having worked on many large-scale projects, nothing beats the feeling of completing something you have laboured over for months and years. The uphill struggle of battling complex requirements and trying to meet milestones, deadlines and budget gives way to a sense of achievement.  For most working on the second Markets in Financial Instruments...
CASS – audit of IT systems

12th November 2018

It is fascinating that 10 years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the Client Assets sourcebook (CASS) is still high on the regulatory agenda. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has repeatedly scrutinised CASS and enhanced standards, starting with the issuance of ‘PS14/9: Review of the client assets regime for investment...
The back office revolution

15th October 2018

Wherever you look and in whatever industry sector you might be in, some back office functions still appear to be operating in the dark ages. That's a stark opening line, but the reality is that many organisations are still reliant on manual processes and spreadsheets to fulfil their financial and regulatory obligations. In contrast, we do...
MiFID II Transaction Reporting: where are we now?

10th September 2018

It has been more than six months since the go-live of MiFID II and for most executing firms transaction reporting has become part and parcel of their operational workflows. For those working on transaction reporting, 2018 will have been a mixture of successes and frustrations. In the first half of this year the market data processor (MDP) has...
CASS: The glide path to automation

14th May 2018

Do you get that sinking feeling when the CASS audit is approaching? Are you uneasy about loose ends? Do you think ‘oh no not again’? Here we are 10 years on from the financial crisis, the subsequent collapse of Lehman Brothers and the focus on CASS has not waned – in fact it remains high on the regulatory agenda. Why is this...
Financial controls - how transparent is your control landscape?

10th April 2018

In the last few months there have a been a number of well-known companies that have unfortunately hit the headlines for the wrong reasons - Carillion, Toys-R-Us, New Look, and more recently House of Fraser. As outsiders looking in, it’s easy to pass comment on how these companies managed to get to the position of being on the brink of...
CASS 2018: The Year of the Dog

13th February 2018

There appears to be a plethora of headlines so far this year with a common theme – 2018 is the year of regtech, fintech, the year of digitisation and technological revamp. According to the Chinese calendar, it is in fact the year of the Dog. The Chinese Horoscope for 2018 predicts that this year, of the Brown Earth Dog, is going to be a good...