Company Insights

Farewell, Excel jockeys

16th May 2018

Every asset servicer faces a trilemma: boost client satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, and decrease costs – all at the same time. In large part, the trilemma stems from the way in which information flows through the global custody chain. Because each intermediary uses customized systems to manage account and position...
BEPS, FATCA, and codes of conduct… oh my!

3rd April 2018

Imagine a world where you have to walk a long and winding road of complex, interlinked informational requirements just to optimize tax. A world where failure to tackle those stringent demands in the right way could result in fines and lawsuits for abuse of treaty or tax arbitrage. In other words, imagine a world where the Yellow Brick Road does not...
How APIs can transform vendors into partners

29th January 2018

The contemporary custodian:  Challenges and opportunities   Custodians have faced existential headwinds for decades, a situation that has escalated in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis. Encroachment from new competitors has compressed margins, while additional regulations and paper-intensive processes have increased...
Takeaways from the major financial conferences of 2H | Fintech Recap 2017

7th December 2017

The financial services conference circuit: a whirlwind of non-stop information propagation. While the back-to-back PowerPoints, continental breakfasts, and business card exchanges can fatigue the heartiest corporate road warrior, there is simply no substitute to being ‘in the room where it happened.’ The forums nurture the exchange of...
Developing a relief at source gold standard

13th October 2017

As Greek mythology tells it, King Midas was granted one wish: to have everything he touched turn to gold. Although the results were mixed – gold looks better than it tastes, it seems – the metal’s allure nonetheless pervades to this day. Gold remains shorthand to represent the highest ideal of excellence, not to mention the...
Global relief at source: The tax gold standard?

24th July 2017

Right time, right place? The EU Tax Barriers Business Advisory Group (TBBAG) calculated in 2013 that annually, roughly €5.47bn in recoverable tax is retained by EU tax authorities. That figure has continued to climb as investors increasingly diversify their portfolios across a wider selection of asset classes and markets. In recent years,...