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Eurobase provides software & services to the banking, insurance & IT recruitment sectors. siena offers a range of real-time, multi-asset solutions including; risk, regulatory compliance, treasury management, sales desk & online customer platform, complementing existing systems via seamless integration.

Company Insights

Cryptocurrencies and digital assets: the coming of age for treasury management systems

31st March 2021

In our whitepaper, What to look for when selecting a treasury management system, we included a section on ddigital currencies. The whitepaper referenced our blog from just over a year ago (An unanswered question from Davos) that posited the question of when we would activate our Crypto/Digital/CBDC functionality in our treasury, sales and trading...
Lockdown 3.0: The continued implications of remote trading

25th January 2021

With much of Europe and other global jurisdictions returning to yet another lockdown, we can be reasonably confident that markets will cope well this time around. The second lockdown coincided with the traditional end of the budgeting season and led to many firms shifting their priorities towards working from home and remote trading. This lockdown...
The harmonisation of electronic trading, treasury and compliance

11th November 2020

For more than 30 years, Eurobase has been providing world-class, reliable, integrated treasury and trading solutions to banks and financial institutions worldwide. We asked Gill Bacon, business development director, banking to tell us why now, more than ever, integrating trading, treasury and sales operations can help navigate the ever-complex...
Four themes to get right in 2020: Libor, SFTR, cyber security and market equivalence

27th January 2020

As is traditional this time of year, our good intentions of new year resolutions fade to what we might expect to be dominant themes in 2020, and it has to be said that if certain plans are not yet well advanced you might want to get to it. Libor In 2018 I wrote about the impending move away from Libor-based products ‘Libor - living...
Beware the Ides of March: The drama of FX swaps reporting

26th March 2019

This week I have been dusting off last September’s Q&A release from the European Securities and Markets Authority (Esma) regarding the reporting of FX swaps to ensure we have successfully planned for the changes. That Q&A included reference data and transaction reporting scenarios where an FX swap is reported as a single...
Regulation and enforcement: FX manipulation, best execution, and principles, principles, principles…

1st August 2017

You would be mistaken if you thought enforcement notices were just the preserve of big banks and individuals. Many smaller regulated banks fall foul of FCA and other authorities’ scrutiny. For FCA regulated firms this is mainly around two important principles of business (Principle 3 & Principle 11). Principle 11 deals with relations with...
MiFID II: Q1 2017 updates you need to know

21st February 2017

David Woolcock - Director of Business Consulting, Eurobase Banking Solutions The first month of 2017 started the countdown to the implementation of MiFID II and associated regulations. As the finer details emerge (including some Q&As from ESMA over the festive break around best execution and transaction reporting) we await publication...
Brexit – what about insurance?

1st June 2016

Not a day goes by without another expression of strongly held views in the media.  With engagement from people on both sides of the debate, this will intensify as we grow closer to the day of the vote, June 23rd 2016. There are a lot of potential areas which may be troubled by the UK’s exit from the EU and all of them are widely...
ILS: Insurance Risk to Capital Market Investors

4th May 2016

With ILS (insurance-linked securities) heading into the London market, every effort is being made to push the corporation tax legislation through in 2016. UK companies will then be able to make the most of the business opportunities on offer.  So, what is this ILS regulation and what makes it different from traditional (re)insurance? ...