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Company Insights

Payments at a price: the true cost of in-house bank connectivity

12th November 2018

Making payments is generally an expensive process for large organizations, in terms of both time and money. The process tends to be particularly expensive when an organization has its own in-house bank connectivity for connecting its payment systems to its bank – connectivity that is maintained either by its own internal IT function or by an...
Fraud, ‘Bots and Bitcoin: Bold treasury predictions for 2018

30th January 2018

2018 is underway, and that means we are obligated to make deep, insightful predictions for the next 12 months. While there is much to draw from, our predictions focus on the following: a) Payments fraud b) Faster payments c) Hedging d) Lease accounting e) CISO and treasury f) Robotics g) Tax reform Payments fraud There...
The challenges of centralising foreign exchange operations for multinational corporates

12th June 2017

The ability to enter into new markets geographically can help drive top line revenue growth, or offer cost-cutting advantages in production and output. Companies expand internationally in one of two ways: organically or through M&A activity. International growth carries with it a number of added risks, the most prominent being...
Supply chain finance: cross-functional collaboration

27th June 2016

Supply chain finance is a solution which involves multiple stakeholders across the organisation. However, while many companies have supply chain finance programs in place, all too often these programs are set up without fully aligning the departments most crucial to the project’s success – namely treasury and procurement. Securing...
Is confidence in your cash position limiting your business efficiency?

10th June 2016

Global competition among manufacturing, engineering, medical, and fast growth software companies generates increased anxiety for their incumbent financial chiefs. Both cash abundance and cash scarcity have made it increasingly important for global corporates to have a clear and accurate sense of their cash position, and since the treasury manager...
2015 Predictions for Corporate Treasury

8th January 2015

2014 was an interesting year in corporate finance that once again saw volatility as the status quo. As much of a cliché as that may sound, there were many unexpected developments (such as big-name cyber hacking and slipping regulatory deadlines) as well as a progression of age-old problems – turbulent economies, wildly fluctuating...
Obama’s SupplierPay and Cameron’s Supply Chain Finance initiatives – good for suppliers and good for buyers

26th August 2014

It’s widely known that payments from large buyers can often be slow, and this can cause a significant pressure on SMBs’ working capital. Combining this with the challenge that many SMBs have raising financing (66 percent of small businesses say that they find it “difficult to raise new business financing,” according to a...
Are treasurers seizing the compliance opportunities in SEPA, IFRS9, OTC changes?

25th October 2013

Regulatory compliance is a headache for every treasurer and chief financial officer (CFO), says Bob Stark, vice president of market strategy at Kyriba, in this blog examining the regs facing finance professionals. The single euro payments area (SEPA) is imminent; the hedge accounting rules under the International Financial Reporting Standards...