Confluence solves complex investment data challenges across the front, middle and back office. From innovative portfolio analytics to regulatory and financial reporting solutions, Confluence invests in the latest technology and data to meet the evolving needs of asset managers and service providers.

Company Insights

European money market reform – The U.S. feels your pain

16th October 2017

Roughly seven years ago, the introduction of Form N-MFP in the U.S. ushered in the era of systemic risk regulatory filing. During the economic crisis, regulators needed a way to quickly determine the market exposure from asset management portfolios so that they could use that information to determine the economic impact of major events like...
Evolving trends in the performance and risk market

27th April 2017

On Friday April 7 2017 StatPro announced the acquisition of UBS Delta, an award-winning risk and performance service offered by UBS. The combination of UBS Delta with StatPro Revolution will result in one of the most comprehensive portfolio analytics platforms on the market. Both systems are fully multi-asset and there is some overlap of functions,...
Risk measurement: A call for standards

9th February 2017

Risk measurement has grown beyond the ‘Wild West’ mentality of its youth and needs standards in order to fulfil its promise of protecting investors, says Damian Handzy, Global Head of Risk, and Carl Bacon, Chairman, at StatPro Group. Professional risk managers are a curious combination of artist, scientist and practitioner,...
Coupling risk and performance measurement to attract investors

10th October 2016

There are plenty of hurdles to starting a hedge fund: gone are the days when “three people and a Bloomberg” were all you needed to secure seed capital and launch a new fund. Today, regulations and savvy investors require that managers not only have an investment-worthy track record but also a robust risk management process, a solid...
Brexit without the campaigning

13th June 2016

With all the spin surrounding the Brexit vote, it can be difficult to get a clear sense of the facts. The United Kingdom is about to make the historic and potentially seismic decision of whether to exit or remain a part of the European Union. Financial markets are providing signals of both the likelihood of a Brexit vote and its potential...
The Maturation of Risk Services

7th March 2016

Financial risk management traces back to maritime trading in the Mediterranean Sea: merchants knew not to send all of their goods aboard one ship. Using modern terminology, they reduced their risk by diversifying their investments across uncorrelated journeys. Different crews, different weather conditions and different boats did the diversification...
Innovations Financial Service Companies and Investment Managers should be focusing on

15th February 2016

The financial industry seems to be continuously faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insolvable problems. Arguably, one might think that’s an optimistic way of looking at things, but the truth is opposition and problems are the biggest drivers of innovation. Today’s investment managers need to prove...
4 Ways a SaaS-Enabled Solution Can Lower AIFMD Compliance Risk

4th June 2014

What can you get done in 30 days? Lose three kilos? Probably. Train for a half marathon? Maybe, if you're in good shape. Aggregate, calculate and validate your hedge fund’s financial and transactional data and disseminate it to local regulators in multiple domiciles? Maybe not, but if you're a European alternative investment fund...
Levels of implementation of the AIFMD directive

24th April 2014

When the AIFMD came into force on 21 July 2011 that was not the end of the process – just the end of the beginning. The next phase was the implementation of the many facets of the legislation. Some milestones have passed but some are approaching – and the time to act is now. Implementation of the Directive has taken place in four...