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Charles River provides an end-to-end SaaS-based solution to automate the front and middle office investment management process across asset classes on a single platform.

Company Insights

The new OTC challenge: Optimizing collateral management in the front and middle office

19th April 2018

Over the counter (OTC) derivatives such as swaps and forwards are versatile and flexible instruments, used by investment managers globally for hedging unwanted foreign exchange (FX) and interest rate risk, implementing yield enhancement strategies and creating innovative factor-based investment products. But the lack of visibility into OTC...
Creating efficiencies and reducing operational risk with an investment book of record

3rd April 2018

In a recent bobsguide article we discussed the changing role of the buy-side middle office. An increasingly critical middle office function is delivering accurate and timely position data to the front office and ensuring redundancy with outsourced back-office services. This article discusses the operational, regulatory and competitive drivers...
Rethinking the middle office: Solving buy-side challenges with financial technology

13th March 2018

Once considered simply a conduit between the front and back office, the middle office is playing a more active part in the investment process for buy-side firms. New regulatory mandates require support for collateral management, risk reporting and commission unbundling. Expansion into new geographies and the increased buy-side use of OTC...
Designing Smart Beta portfolios: The role of factor models and technology considerations

21st December 2017

In a recent bobsguide article, Charles River discussed how Smart Beta products can improve portfolio diversification, minimise undesirable correlation risk, and deliver better risk-adjusted performance. These products are increasingly popular with both asset owners and investment managers because they provide conveniently packaged exposure to a...
Designing Smart Beta portfolios: Challenges and considerations

19th December 2017

Increasingly popular Smart Beta products provide investment managers and asset owners with conveniently packaged exposure to a number of factors. Risk factors are granular attributes of one or more asset classes that explain risk and return. Examples of equity factors are company size (large cap vs. small cap) and style (growth vs. value). Fixed...
How fund look-through improves buy-side risk monitoring and performance evaluation

13th December 2017

Asset managers and owners increasingly implement their investment strategy by buying funds from a number of providers. These funds can represent a significant portion of the firm’s portfolio, and complicate their ability to manage risk, measure performance and comply with global shareholder disclosure regulations. Managing fund holdings...
Two approaches to buy-side scenario analysis

28th November 2017

“Stress-tests improve an asset manager’s resilience in times of market stress regardless of regulation. Consequently, best-in-class firms will accommodate emerging trends in asset management that affect investors well before regulators take action.” - Asset Managers Face Rising Regulatory Scrutiny, Boston Consulting...
Understanding mortgage prepayment models

21st November 2017

U.S. agency residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) are the largest and most liquid securitized asset class in the world. Pooling thousands of individual mortgages into a standardized security lets investors easily gain exposure to this important asset class. RMBS provide an attractive yield relative to U.S. Treasuries with comparable credit...
Multi-asset portfolio decision support: challenges and solutions

28th November 2016

Jan Hoenisch, Director of Global Partnerships at Charles River Development, moderates a discussion of challenges and opportunities facing buy-side firms managing institutional multi-asset portfolios. Panelists Dan diBartolomeo, President and Founder of Northfield Information Services; Patrick Kirchner, Managing Consultant of Citisoft; and Lee Garf,...
Maximising the Value of Multi-Leg Orders with an OEMS

23rd June 2016

Multi-leg orders have long been a versatile tool for buy-side asset managers looking to implement investment strategies across multiple instruments, asset classes or timeframes. Recently, exchange offerings such as complex order book support and sell-side algorithmic trading in listed options markets have led to increased trading volumes and...