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Company Insights

The must have 2015 CFI Code for MiFID II

9th October 2017

Not just here and now, but now and then Reg data transformation and history Here and now… EMIR reporting for listed derivatives required the use of the ISO standard Classification of Financial Instruments or CFI code and following its 2015 update under ISO 10962, its use is further mandated under CSDR (European Central Securities...
Regulatory milestones: How the countdown to 2018 and MiFID II has already begun

14th August 2017

This feels nothing like the time before MiFID I went live, but in essence it is a similar upgrade to instrument reference data as it was then. In the period before EMIR went live, Euromoney TRADEDATA collaborated with the then FSA to create a fit-for-purpose AII (Alternative Instrument Identifier) data set for certain EU markets; a data set that...
SymbaaS: Symbology as a Service

4th October 2016

For small to medium investment firms, cost-effective access to market data sources enjoyed by major international banks, prior to on-demand innovation, was usually a one size fits all choice, alleviated somewhat, by carving out distinct markets but not at a contract level.  New technology and innovative commercial models are now generally...
8 out of 10 Data Users Can’t Be Wrong, Can They?

8th July 2016

The force of the community data model applied to reference data is consistent and progressive but at times supercharged in its reaction to fundamental market change. The real time use of reference data in daily trading operations offers a dynamic exposure to prove, or not, data quality and is an essential part of an inclusive quality assurance...