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Company Insights

How do FIs migrate to ISO 20022, hit deadlines and create opportunities?

27th July 2020

In 2004 it was decided that the previous format of SWIFT’s message type (MT) wasn’t going to be ‘fit for purpose’ for the evolving demands of ambitious payments innovation, and so a new standard was needed. When MT was first created, payment messages didn’t have to carry a large amount of high-quality, expensive data....
How to monitor activity to counter fraud

2nd May 2017

In the second of a two-part review of cyberfraud and risk management approaches, James Richardson, Head of Market Development Risk and Fraud for Bottomline Technologies, reviews the benefits of advanced activity-monitoring to provide the highest levels of fraud prevention The first part of this payments security review looked at how a...
Will pulling up the drawbridge help to stop the fraudsters?

2nd May 2017

In the first of a two-part review of cyberfraud and risk management approaches, James Richardson, Head of Market Development Risk and Fraud for Bottomline Technologies, looks at the lessons that can be learnt from recent payment fraud attacks. The headlines are unrelenting. Hardly a week goes by without news of yet another organisation...
Four key considerations for a successful payment factory initiative

15th February 2017

Managing global enterprise payments is more complex and demanding than ever before. Credit is tight, the macroeconomic environment is fast-changing and the typical backbook of mergers and acquisitions have led to a host of complexities. Multiple divisions and business sites within organisations combine with legacy back-office systems and processes...
SWIFT Accord replacement: the time is now

13th September 2016

Back in December 2014 when SWIFT announced the retirement of SWIFT Accord for October 2017, most of their customers, having first digested the information, envisaged a long lead time to select and implement a replacement solution. But years and months have passed quickly and by the end of this summer, there will remain only one year before SWIFT...
Fraudsters Have Bigger Fish To Fry: From Phishing To Whaling, Scammers Are Going For Bigger Wins

24th May 2016

Cyber attackers have gained sophistication, capability and bravado over the recent years, resulting in some complex and well executed whaling attacks.    Last year a California-based networking technology firm, Ubiquiti Networks lost $46.7 million and Belgian Bank Crelan, lost over €70 million due to whaling scams....
Fintech Alliance Helps Drive Prepaid into the Mainstream

20th January 2016

The rapid growth of the prepaid card market provides instructive lessons on the changing dynamic of consumer behaviour patterns, and illustrates how banks can best innovate and adapt to this fluid landscape. The 2008 recession initiated a number of significant shifts in consumer habits – from a migration away from premium brands to...
Recalibrating the Cloud

2nd December 2015

Over the past few years the decision to deploy applications in the cloud has been mainly one of IT strategy: is it more cost effective and/or efficient to opt for a cloud-based deployment model rather than on premise? This ‘application-hosting’ evaluative approach has led a majority of UK businesses to set up at least one application in...
Is your cash application process a time and money-drain?

20th October 2014

It is one of the most basic activities we have, buried deep in the back-office of Finance & Accounting teams around the world. The steps are simple: you have delivered goods or services to your customer; you have raised an invoice; and your customer has dutifully paid you (either electronically or by cheque). Easy. All that remains is to...
It is now 2014…time to change the way you think about payments

10th March 2014

It is ten years since Bacs customers had to start upgrading to Bacstel-IP to achieve improved security and speed of access, and the vast majority have not even considered the solution since, but so much has changed over the past decade. From new payment mechanisms such as Faster Payments and the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), to new deployment...