Company Insights

The top five ways programming language impacts financial customers

14th March 2018

If you are considering licensing and implementing a financial software application, you might not think that the underlying programming language is a key concern in your selection process. In fact, it can have a major impact on your ability to get the maximum value from your investment management software. Languages have their strengths and...
Keeping up with European market infrastructure regulations

30th June 2017

The G20 commitments have significantly increased the levels of disclosure, granularity, traceability, and regularity of reporting requirements across the globe. The high standards expected by regulators are a challenge to all market participants. The only thing that is constant with the regulatory requirement is the continual change. Since 2014,...
Five tech concepts powering dynamic business in 2017

8th February 2017

Eric Rocks, Vice President and Managing Director of SS&C Technologies Running a business is a very dynamic operation that requires taking the time to consider not only how things change, but why things change. By mastering this outlook, financial executives will have a greater ability to manage control over their successes. This is...
Wealth Management: Using Technology to Improve Client Service

17th November 2015

It is fair to say that today’s consumers are accessing the internet everywhere. In fact, you may well be reading this on a tablet device as you commute to work, or on your smartphone while you wait for the kettle to boil. Once you’re finished, you might book yourself a flight, check tomorrow’s weather forecast, or take a look at...
The Rise and Rise of Loan Origination Funds

13th November 2015

Overview The growth of non-bank lending continues to proliferate. This has been given a boost in the aftermath of the financial crisis when many banks, stung by poorly performing loans, scaled back their lending to small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  This has provided an opening for non-bank financials, ranging from fund managers...
New Business Complexity Drives Insurers to Re-Shape Their Operational Strategies

21st October 2015

The insurance landscape can look gloomy for operational teams – low interest rates, evolving regulatory and financial reporting requirements, and constant technological changes present ongoing challenges. But what if you viewed these factors as opportunities? How are your peers contending with these challenges and changing their operating...
Automated reconciliation reduces asset managers' operational risk

10th August 2015

Asset managers must devote greater attention to operational risks, particularly around reconciliation, so as to reduce the likelihood of losses and satisfy investors and regulators that internal processes are up to institutional standards. A number of managers continue to rely on manual reconciliation processes such as using Excel spread-sheets,...
High quality data management holds the key to the three C's: Cost efficiency, Compliance, and Client satisfaction

23rd July 2015

It has always been the case that no sensible or clear investment decision can be made without supportive and accurate data – and as much as possible.  But as all traders and investment managers know, or quickly come to discover, the quality of available data is at least as important as the quantity.  Furthermore accessible,...
Scaling middle office resources for peak business volume

10th June 2015

It’s well known that the middle office at most investment management firms has periods of high and low production based on business cycles. At least one week out of every month key resources are ‘all hands on deck’ churning out performance numbers for internal and external review. Many firms struggle to find appropriate resources...
Investment Management Industry Predictions and Outlook for 2015

29th January 2015

1. Technology trends from the consumer world will drive incremental shifts for investment managers in 2015 Major paradigm shifts in consumer technology have changed the way we manage our personal lives and have already made significant disruptions in some industries. And while the financial services space takes a more conservative approach to...