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TAS Group delivers software solutions for cards, payment systems, capital markets & extended enterprise. Our secure solutions manage financial transactions worldwide. We strive to simplify the way private enterprise, public sector, commercial & central banks interact with customers, stakeholders & technology systems

Company Events

T2/T2S Consolidation: An opportunity for digital transformation?

22nd May 2019 - 3rd August 2019

With the Eurosystem’s T2/T2S Consolidation project gaining momentum, banks are faced with a daunting roster of activities to prepare themselves in time for the 2021 deadline. The assessment phase has started, requiring not only the banks’ operational but also their legal and business teams to work together to unlock new opportunities...
Real-time Fraud Detection Webinar: Available On Demand

18th February 2020 - 28th May 2020

Readily Integrate Real-time Fraud Detection within IBM Z-based Payment Systems without Impacting SLAs Detecting fraud within payment systems is one of the top challenges for IT organizations. Integrating fraud detection applications with payment systems can be complex and impact SLAs. IBM and TAS/Mantica have just simplified this effort. IBM has...
19th Annual Liquidity Management

19th October 2020 - 21st October 2020

This year’s Marcus Evans conference will look to drive daily optimisation of liquidity metrics, particularly intraday liquidity, whilst considering interplay with other risk and capital measures.  Don’t miss the speaking session "Active Intraday Liquidity Management" on Oct 20 |10:00 am, during which Mario...
Salone dei Pagamenti - Payvolution 2020

4th November 2020 - 6th November 2020

TAS Group is an official sponsor of the fifth edition of the Salone dei Pagamenti-Payvolution, Italy’s premier conference for payments innovation. From 4 to 6 November, the 2020 edition will have a new fully digital format, hosted on the WYTH platform, allowing participants to make smart use of the contents and easily interact...