BELLIN, a Coupa company, is a global leader in treasury technology, providing innovative solutions for finance professionals. BELLIN’s cloud-based and nimble treasury management system: tm5, offers solutions that excel in everything from cash management to payments or multilateral netting.

Company Events

Top 4 challenges in payment processing and how to tackle them now

25th April 2019

 Webinar | 16:00 CEST Transparency and control of cashflows are two aspects that can make or break a treasury. But many a company’s worldwide growth has created a decentralized setup and spawned the unchecked proliferation of banks and accounts in various locations. Treasurers deal with overcomplex bank connectivity environments, the...
How to centralize your payments with an integrated solution

9th May 2019

  Webinar | 16:00 CEST     This payments centralization webinar highlights the ability to create, authorize, and release payments and process payment runs on a group-wide level with location-independence. Mobile connectivity and centralization creates a wealthy marriage that makes payment processing streamlined and efficient.
How to streamline your banking landscape

6th June 2019

  Webinar | 16:00 CEST This webinar sheds light on the complexity of diverse bank connectivity options for each corporation. What channel or combination of channels are you going to use to connect to your banking partners in a process- and cost-efficient way? Will you capitalize on host-to-host connections or will you be taking advantage of...
How to optimize your payment processing security via administrative control

27th June 2019

  Webinar | 16:00 CEST     This webinar installment takes a deep dive into the need for a centralized payments platform that maintains a hyper-focus on security. Join in as we discuss, how the essential synergy between technical security specifications and administrative controls creates optimally safe and efficient processes.
How to implement an integrated payment solution without frustration

11th July 2019

  Webinar | 16:00 CEST     Let our payment specialist guide you through the step-by-step process to optimize your payment landscape. From taking a thorough inventory of your current set-up to the key questions you need to ask yourself in the process, followed by the development of a robust strategy to the technical side of...