Company Events

COVID-19 Crisis Management: Why treasury & finance are pivotal to recovery

16th April 2020

Initiating a COVID-19 crisis management strategy is now top priority for people, businesses and Governments. Utilising and developing survival capabilities will prove challenging for many organisations including cash flow forecasting and managing risk around major supply chain disruptions. Diligent cash management and variance analysis are integral...
TIS Corporate Payments Forum

23rd April 2020

Join us at TIS Corporate Payments Forum in Frankfurt on March 23. You will have the chance to join workshops, discuss, hear expert speakers, and meet your colleagues! This is also a great opportunity to network with people from the same field.  Register now!    
Analyste & TIS: Flexible best-of-breed solutions for troubling times

23rd April 2020

Crises and uncertain economic times bring a host of challenges for companies and their treasury and cash management teams. The immediate need for transparency and action often overshadows longer-term operational and risk management considerations. Join Mikko Soirola (CEO at Analyste) and Jörg Wiemer (CEO at TIS) to explore how the combination...
Nordic Cash & Treasury Management

8th September 2020 - 9th September 2020

  The world is facing significant changes with digital transformation and automation but also many geopolitical uncertainties. All these things are creating pressure for even more effective treasury functions. So how can we navigate effectively in this new landscape?   These things, among many others, will be discussed in the Nordic Cash...
Treasury 360° Copenhagen

20th October 2020

    Get ready for this year's biggest finance and treasury event in Copenhagen. Treasury 360° Copenhagen will introduce  a wide variety of hot topics of the field, from green investments to a peek into the minds of CEOs. This event offers you an opportunity to learn a lot and leave with a fresh view of the treasury...