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MORS Software - Helping Banks optimise their Balance Sheet & Financial Risks. MORS is a complete Asset Liability (ALM), Liquidity Risk and Treasury Management solution for banks.

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A guide to selecting a Treasury ALM system

21st February 2020

On the lookout for a new Treasury or ALM system (or both) for your bank? Download the guide and find the best solution for your bank! As the financial industry has evolved, so have the Treasury and Asset Liability Management tools and technology. We put together a comprehensive guide of the top tips, features, and questions you should be focused...
Bullet-Proofing your Treasury & ALM Target Operating Model for the 21st Century

11th December 2019

When the ECB/SSM released the 2018 SREP results earlier in April 2019, the title of the press release was “Banks must improve risk management”, reaching the conclusion that, when compared with results from 2017, bank governance and risk management have worsened. MORS Software will discuss the 2018 SREP results and demonstrate how both efficient...
Webinar:Best practices on Banking Book integration with your Treasury ALM system

11th December 2019

Banking Book Integration can be one of the most challenging parts when implementing a Treasury or Asset & Liability Management (ALM) system. Getting the integration right, will bring huge benefits for efficiently analysing, managing and optimising a bank’s balance sheet. Getting it wrong can have significant adverse effects. Please join MORS...
Webinar: Why choose a Holistic & Integrated Treasury ALM system

11th December 2019

As many banks face cost pressures, a general trend is to review internal IT systems, in order to simplify the systems architecture and generate cost savings. Treasury and Asset & Liability Management departments are unlikely to be omitted from cost reduction drives. Simplifying the system landscape and generating costs savings within Treasury & ALM...
Webinar: Best practices on Implementing a Treasury ALM system

11th December 2019

Treasury ALM system implementations can be challenging as the system needs to be heavily integrated with other systems in the bank. Unless well planned and executed, the implementation project can easily distract and overload the Treasury and ALM teams. Are there ways to avoid project pitfalls, and to minimise the risk of the implementation project...