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Whitepaper: Escaping the invoice chaos!

8th January 2021

Gain a deeper insight into the topic "processing digital incoming invoices in SAP". Learn more about the advantages of automated processing of incoming invoices - 100% integrated in SAP. Work less, create more and at the same time gain a company-wide overview: What sounds almost like a miracle is, however, obvious.
Whitepaper: Get out of the Invoicing Jungle!

16th November 2020

Manual invoice processing can cause many problems within a finance department, especially with more of your employees having to work from home. Automating the invoice process speeds up approval times, gives you the flexibility to work at the home or office and avoid the cross handling of paperwork. Within this whitepaper you will learn more about...
Case Study: Trafford Council - Distance is no object with electronic records!

6th October 2020

Previously procurement processes had been largely manual, so reconciling purchase orders and invoices was no easy feat. To maximise the benefits of SAP, the Council simultaneously introduced EASY for SAP, on the recommendation of one of the IT contractors. This has allowed the Accounts Payable team to capture, store and access documents such as...
Digital Procurement - Collaboration in Contract Management

11th September 2020

Make your contracting system fit for the future with modern collaboration tools and electronic signature solutions! In this whitepaper you will learn more about, initialisation of the contract process, selection from standardised contract templates, approval of draft contracts via workflow, submission of draft contracts to contract partners,...
Whitepaper: Accounts Payable automation is no rocket science!

2nd September 2020

Have you considered Accounts Payable Automation? Without a digitised process you may find that you are suffering needless expenses, inefficiency, lack of competitiveness and transparency. This whitepaper presents recommendations for Finance, Accounts Payable and Procure-To-Pay practitioners to move forward, featuring research and insights from The...
Contract Lifecycle Management - Whitepaper

22nd July 2020

EASY Contract is the modern, web-based contract management software which you can use to create contracts, work on them as a team, digitally sign contracts and finally file them away. All contracts are managed and processed centrally and without any inconsistencies in media format. This whitepaper provides recommendations for sales, legal,...
Customer Success Story: LW Theatres - Invoice automation at it's finest

3rd April 2020

A new integrated invoicing system from EASY Software receives chorus of approval across LW Theatres in London. Until two years ago, LW Theatres were processing their invoices manually, leading to awkward conversations with their customers when invoices went astray. Fast forward two years, LW Theatres now uses an integrated invoice system that not...
Whitepaper: EASY Procurement Management for SAP Solutions

4th February 2020

In times of global and often volatile markets, procurement management plays a special role in companies. Its efficiency has a direct influence on company profits. Step on the gas and not the breaks by downloading this whitepaper!