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Report: The End of the Password

24th November 2020

Key findings from the report include: - 49% of Brits, and 50% of Americans have used others’ passwords - 41% of Brits and 44% of Americans admit to sharing phone passwords with partners or family members - 33% of Brits and 46% of Americans remember passwords by writing then down Download the UK report - https://www.iproov.info/passwordless...
Online Banking in the U.S. Part 1: Onboarding

30th October 2020

How easy is it for a consumer to open a bank account in the United States? In some cases, not easy at all. U.S. banks are often making the online customer onboarding process unnecessarily complicated. Key opportunities to improve security and the user experience are being missed. iProov researchers created online accounts with 20 of the largest...
Security Requirements Push Customers Away from Banks

5th October 2020

Regulations and requirements aimed at making retail banks more secure are driving customers away, according to Aarti Samani, SVP of product and marketing at iProov. A report by IPSOS Mori showed that on average, two-thirds of customers are unsatisfied with their bank in the UK, something that Samani blames on the cumbersome security experience,...
Government Bureaucracy Could be Blown Away by Biometric Security Solutions

1st October 2020

Biometric authentication solutions could open a gateway for governments to drive efficiency and reduce bureaucracy. The process utilises the unique biometric of an individual to verify that they are who they claim to be and are therefore authorised to access products and services. As the technology has been developed by the likes of iProov, and...
iProov report: The Threat of Deepfakes

4th September 2020

In our new report, The Threat of Deepfakes, we look at what consumers think about deepfakes. Key finding show that: > 75% of consumers would be more likely to use online services that protect against deepfakes > 85% agree deepfakes will make it harder to trust what they see online > 72% believe the need to authenticate identity is more important...
Deepfakes: The Threat to Financial Services

20th August 2020

Download our free report. The sophistication of cyber hacks are evolving very quickly. Financial services need to be aware of the threats and protect their customers from identity fraud, as well as protect their organisation against money laundering and new account fraud.
Face recognition vs face verification: what’s the difference?

10th August 2020

Face recognition and face verification are often lumped together and used interchangeably to mean the same thing. But the truth is that the two technologies and the purpose of their use are completely different and need to be considered separately. Questions about the ethics of facial recognition for surveillance, and the call for clarity and...
Top 5 Considerations for Online Customer Onboarding in Financial Services

22nd July 2020

Online banking continues to grow. According to the latest EY Global FinTech Adoption Index, 71% of UK consumers and 46% of US consumers had used at least two digital financial services in 2019, up from 14% and 17% respectively in 2015. Savings, payments, borrowing and budgeting are all moving online. The challenge for financial institutions is...
iProov to provide biometric technology to challenger bank Knab, part of AEGON

6th July 2020

iProov technology is to be deployed by Dutch challenger bank Knab, to provide an effortless online biometric experience to its nearly 500,000 customers. Knab customers can effortlessly authenticate themselves for a growing range of sensitive transactions using iProov’s patented Flashmark technology. The partnership with the online-only bank,...
iProov Web: Biometric Authentication on Web Browser

17th April 2020

We’re very pleased to announce that iProov is bringing Genuine Presence Assurance to the web browser, with the launch of iProov Web. Watch our 12 minute webcast to learn more. iProov Web now extends effortless genuine presence assurance to web browsers, allowing users to “iProov” themselves on laptop and desktop computers, tablets, and...