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Solutions for the Enterprise Architect

3rd April 2018

Third-Party Development Tools and Quintessence

3rd April 2018

The Quintessence Investment Decision Support Platform

21st June 2017

Quintessence functionality is categorised into three facets: a Data middleware aspect, a Function middleware aspect and a Presentation aspect
Quintessence at a glance

18th April 2017

Quintessence is a Decision Support System and Investment Research Platform. The solution facilitates all aspects of a fund manager's investment and research process.
The information you need, right on schedule

11th April 2017

The Quintessence Scheduler automates the collection of investment research data from disparate sources, and seamlessly imports the data into the Quintessence Warehouse.
Harness the power: Quintessence utility functions

6th April 2017

Quintessence utility functions expand the standard set of Excel functions, allowing you to use SQL-style data manipulations within Excel.
How to package complex algorithms in Excel

3rd April 2017

Are you aware that you’re a software developer! If you build spreadsheets that you use in your day-to-day operations, you have written code!
Retrieving data into Excel® from an integrated source

28th March 2017

Microsoft Excel® works brilliantly as a presentation layer. So wouldn’t it be great if the data used was dynamically updated from a centralised data repository?
Do you warehouse data in spreadsheets?

27th March 2017

Excel® is a powerful tool for algorithmically manipulating and presenting your data. But is it the correct tool for warehousing your data?
Surfacing data: Is your investment and research data hard to access?

22nd March 2017

Does your organisation warehouse all the data you need, but you find it hard to access? Do you wish that the tools you use could seamlessly access all the data you require to perform your tasks?