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AIM Software is the fastest growing and award-winning provider of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) business applications to the buy-side.

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GAIN Portfolio Pricing

7th January 2019

GAIN Portfolio Pricing is the first centralized pricing and market data business application dedicated to the pricing of multiple portfolios for financial institutions. GAIN Portfolio Pricing collects and stores prices from multiple sources (data vendors, spreadsheets, text files etc.) and allows managing and mastering all client pricing policies...
The Importance of Pricing Controls in Fund Valuation

19th November 2018

With a trend towards increased regulatory scrutiny and the high cost of valuation errors, the need for fund management companies to have robust pricing controls in place is now greater than ever. The question is, “how can fund managers do more with less?". Download the article to find out more.
Market Data Usage: Taking Control with a Strategic Approach to Sourcing

28th June 2018

With ever-changing commercial models and more stringent licensing agreements, market and reference data costs and usage compliance are big focus areas for most financial institutions. This whitepaper explores why getting vendor data usage under control can be so difficult and what can be done to optimize your data spend, while ensuring effective,...
GAIN Data Portal: Take full control of your market and reference data usage

31st July 2017

GAIN Data Portal is dedicated to the efficient and compliant sourcing of market and reference data from popular data providers. This award-winning application executes pre-defined data feed requests, stores the acquired data in a central repository, and then makes that data accessible to the systems and users that need it - ensuring easy, compliant...
MiFID II: The Data Challenges

1st June 2017

Scheduled to come into force on January 3, 2018 – the MiFID II challenge is tough and firms are under huge pressure to get moving. What can firms do to ensure they meet this fast-approaching deadline? In this video, Olivier Kenji Mathurin – Head of Strategic Research at AIM Software – offers a summary of the MiFID II data management...
Corporate Actions Processing: A Pragmatic View Beyond Automation

30th May 2017

This whitepaper outlines the evolving challenges faced by corporate actions teams and explores how EDM technology can turn regulatory burdens and overheads into competitive advantage and better client retention.
Data Lineage: Where did this data come from?

30th May 2017

Asset management firms rely on the accuracy, quality and correlation of their data for trading, accounting and risk mitigation. But understanding where data comes from or answering simple questions such as “who has modified this value and why?” remains a major challenge. This whitepaper explores the importance of data lineage for buy-side firms...
Getting Ahead in Fund Pricing

30th October 2014

Fund accounting operations are heavily challenged to improve efficiency while remaining flexible to stay competitive, faced with greater regulatory scrutiny, more frequent NAVs and pressure on costs. This paper illustrates the case of European Fund Administration: the fund administrator leveraged GAIN - AIM Software's award-winning business...