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‘Dear Diary’: Recordkeeping under the FCA’s CASS Rules

16th June 2020

Those of us who keep a diary did not expect to be recording the lifestyle and events that have shaped our year so far. Looking back at old diary entries may jog our memories, but diaries come in different forms. While some people keep a detailed journal of all their thoughts and plans, others simply record what happened when. In most cases,...
Cashfac InsureTech Solutions

14th April 2020

Cashfac offers a new method for the administration of money belonging to clients within the insurance sector, whether it is held in statutory or non-statutory trusts or under the risk transfer provisions. Learn more.
Asset Finance Solutions

2nd March 2020

We offer a full suite of functionality to help Asset Finance companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their cash operations.
Cash Investment Platform Solutions for Wealth Managers

10th December 2019

Our solution offers Wealth Managers two options to overcome regulatory barriers when managing multiple investment accounts. It can automatically open virtual accounts for your clients, pool their money for investment and place the pooled cash with one or more of these financial institutions. Alternatively, we can manage the real bank accounts of...
Cashfac for Pension Administrators

4th November 2019

We offer pension administrators a solution that integrates with their existing systems to help them automate manual processes, reconcile and administer pensions. Working in unison with your accounting systems, our virtual account solution integrates with your bank and internal systems to deliver automatic transactional cash management, control and...
Invoice Discounting and Factoring

22nd October 2019

Using the latest innovations in open banking, our invoice discounting and factoring solution takes control of the entire cash collections process giving banks and lenders control over borrower’s bank account; transferring collected funds from that account, full clearance management and automatic allocation, reconciliation and accounting for cash....
Client Money Management and Compliance

9th September 2019

We believe that good client money compliance is just one part of a strong and efficient money management regime. Our Client Money Management solution offers a principles-based solution that meets the requirements of the financial services regulators around the globe. The solution also fully meets the client money and trust money protection...