ReconArt, Inc.

ReconArt is an enterprise class fully web-based reconciliation platform designed for end-to-end automation and integrated management of the entire reconciliation lifecycle. ReconArt serves businesses from all verticals and sizes which tackle enormous transaction volumes, multiple data sources or complex matching logic.

Company Resources

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Finding the “Modern” (Reconciliation & Financial Close) Software Solution

23rd October 2020

There is something of a change afoot. We are on a wave that has many businesses looking to reinvest in their systems and processes. This interest is especially true in relation to financial control solutions software. The drivers are varied, but generally the lack of investment has also created a lack of capability within the organization for...
How to Make Merchant Processing Reconciliation Optimal

20th October 2020

There are always multiple platforms and processing systems– both internal and external – involved in the processing of payments: an internal ERP or core order entry system, a merchant gateway, files being passed form the merchant to the bank, and, of course, from the bank back to the general ledger - lots of possible failure points. A...
Fastest Growers Leverage SaaS

14th October 2020

It is interesting to note that many of the fastest growing firms are either adopters of SaaS or are providers of SaaS solutions. The former is a testament to the effectiveness that leveraging SaaS offers. The latter is a testament to the rate of adoption SaaS solutions enjoy. As the benefits are substantial, let's review how SaaS supports the...
Banking File Formats - Common Types & Their Structure Explained (Part 1)

13th October 2020

Part 1 Introduction. Digital Transformation and Financial Data. The NACHA file format
How to Own Self-Sufficient Reconciliation Processes For Your Business

8th October 2020

When it comes to matching, reconciling, and certifying accounts, ReconArt’s customer success stories illustrate a number of challenges businesses from various industries face: • Dependency on internal IT Departments to achieve specific tasks • Heavy reliance on Excel and “spreadsheet gurus” • Large amounts of manual work • Expensive...
Maximizing Receivables Cash Allocation

6th October 2020

Reconciliation technology has many uses and provides a wide array of tangible (savings) and less tangible benefits (until a problem becomes reality) in terms of mitigating financial transaction-based operational risk. In simple terms the increasing number of clients asking for help with their cash allocations need better efficiency, faster cash...
Optimizing Period End GL Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation

30th September 2020

Businesses face two very different types of reconciliation. On the one hand there is a need to perform a much more transaction focused, possibly daily (dependent upon volumes), reconciliation, e.g. the bank account reconciliation; on the other there is a need to verify account balances in the general ledger. So why automate you ask yourself? ...
The Benefits of Implementing a ReconArt Reconciliation Solution: An Infographic

30th September 2020

Enabling Enterprise-class Security in ReconArt

25th September 2020

As designers of a world-class enterprise system, ReconArt has always had significant focus on application security. We have purposefully integrated enterprise security best practices in the application to keep access and data secured, while simultaneously keeping configuration and management as simple as possible.
Reconciliation Beyond Spreadsheets

23rd September 2020

Spreadsheets are no doubt a great solution for data analysis and intermittent calculations, but their use as a long-term reconciliation solution proves unsustainable. Here is a summary of the top 6 reasons why commonplace spreadsheet technology can no longer meet the advancing reconciliation needs of mature business organizations.