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Eurobase provides software & services to the banking, insurance & IT recruitment sectors. siena offers a range of real-time, multi-asset solutions including; risk, regulatory compliance, treasury management, sales desk & online customer platform, complementing existing systems via seamless integration.

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Time to Be Clear on Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR)

6th May 2021

Following regulatory forbearance due to Covid and the resultant extensions to the implementation dates, it is time to review arrangements to comply with UMR. The number of in-scope entities will drastically increase as we near the Phase 5 & 6 dates. Entities will be subject to the rules from 1st September 2021 if the aggregate month-end average...
How Banks are Fighting Back Against Disruptors With Real-time Payment Platforms

19th January 2021

Recent years have seen disruptors enter the cross-border payment space causing banks to lose grip on a significant revenue stream. Surveys indicate that banks account for less than 65% of today's market share and more than half of these customers are unhappy. Conversely, it has been reported that fintech solution providers are offering superior...
Optimising Cash Management in a Challenging World

15th January 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted global enterprises who have seen a downfall in products and services, which in turn has placed a sharp focus on organisations’ cash visibility. This paper seeks to explore some of the traditional and non-traditional cash management tools corporate treasury departments have adopted in their quest to...
Elf on The Shelf – What Would The Regulatory Elf Be Up To?!

18th December 2020

The Elf on the Shelf book explains that scout elves get their magic by being named. So, if the Ghost of Christmas Future revealed one called ‘Regulatory Elf’ inside a firm this festive season, I wonder what Regulatory Elf would be looking for to report back each night? LIBOR Cessation, Easing of Best Execution RTS 27 & 28 Reporting, Increased...
Blog - Brexit Pragmatism paves the way to proportionate Banking Regulation

17th December 2020

One area which will be of great interest following Brexit will be that the Bank of England will be free to implement a new regime for smaller banks that would have been impossible while a member of the EU. Deputy Governor of the BoE, Sam Woods, announced the measure stating “let’s have high standards here in London and here in the UK, but...
Are mobile payments a challenger? Ding-Ding, Round two!

1st December 2020

In my last blog, looking at the rise of the challengers to the traditional banking industry, I stated “these ‘lightweight’ contestants in the banking market have harnessed new technologies and processes to deliver a better customer experience.” The blog elicited a comment from Kevin Gillespie when posted on LinkedIn – “You...
What to Look for When Selecting a Treasury Management System

21st September 2020

As modern bank treasury managers have had to respond to increasing demands being placed on them, it has led to a sub-optimal Treasury Management System (TMS) strategy being deployed, especially when having to cope with their trading staff having to work remotely. Access to real-time systems that allow for active monitoring of P&L, position...
The Alchemy of Banking - Asset and Liability Management

25th August 2020

As banks face increased competition alongside higher capital requirements coupled with a decrease in spreads, many banks will be looking to mismatch asset and liability maturities to generate a “secret sauce” to generate higher margins. Implementing a strong solution to define, measure, monitor and manage liquidity and interest rate risk is...
How Reinsurers Can React to The COVID-19 Crisis and Build Immunity

6th May 2020

This paper will explore this 'Gray Rhino' event, some of the issues that have emerged and the technology, processes, and capital approaches that may protect business in the future. In conclusion, it will provide a return-to-the-office plan to assist in addressing this, and the next, risk.
Why More Banks Are Unifying Their Treasury, Trading and Sales Operations

27th April 2020

Many banks and other financial institutions are finding themselves in the familiar position of inefficient operations. A problem on the rise due to, among other things, the increasing burden of regulation and compliance. This white paper looks at the history of ‘banking operations’, primarily in the context of treasury, sales and risk...