Nomentia is a Nordic powerhouse for global cash management. Our SaaS-based platform offers solutions for cash forecasting & visibility, global payments with bank connectivity, reconciliation, in-house banking. We serve 2,300+ clients in over 100 countries processing more than 200 billion euros annually. Cash is king!

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Cash Management - it's not just you, the struggle is real!

11th March 2020

Cash management – the struggle is real. Our survey reveals that many finance professionals are still struggling with cash forecasting. Why is that? Download the report for all the mind-blowing findings!
Say goodbye to spreadsheets (Part 2)

10th March 2020

Cassette recorders, big hair, leg warmers, the Rubik’s cube, walkman and mobile phones the size of small suitcases are all legacies from the 1980's. Technology and hair styles have moved on… should cash forecasting applications.
Say goodbye to spreadsheets (Part 1)

3rd March 2020

Treasury & finance continue to experience issues with their cash flow forecasting. Unsurprisingly, more than half of the market still use spreadsheets to execute this business-critical function. The million-dollar question is, why?
Does Cash Forecasting really matter?

25th February 2020

Cash forecasting continues to be the one area that many senior treasury and finance professionals struggle to do well. So what’s the secret to getting it right?
Webinar recording: What to consider when choosing a Bank Connectivity solution

20th February 2020

There are many things you should consider before deciding on a Bank Connectivity solution. It’s also important to take into account the specific needs of your company, your banking strategy and the capabilities you have now and in the future. In this webinar, we will discuss a checklist of the critical factors you should be considering. In...
Liquidity Management Factsheet

20th February 2020

LIQUIDITY SOLUTION FACTSHEET Improve your visibility and cash forecasting OpusCapita Liquidity is the hub where all financial data is collected, routine tasks are automated, and liquidity positions are forecast and reported. OpusCapita Liquidity gives you visibility over your cash positions allowing you to analyze current and future cash...
Improving cash forecasting by tracking actuals

18th February 2020

Reliable cash forecasting requires continuous and evolving development of the forecasting process. One key ingredient to this vital process is tracking the actual-accuracy of the forecast.
Top tips for selecting a cash forecasting application

11th February 2020

Selecting the right software can be like starting a new relationship. You may be a little apprehensive to begin with but eager to make it work. Getting to know each other is crucial but, should it not work out, you need to be in a position to part ways with as little drama as possible! Here’s some top tips for selecting a cash forecasting...
Payment Fraud Ebook (OpusCapita)

5th February 2020

Are your cash outflows safe from fraud? Mitigating fraud and risks in the corporate payment process In this ebook, you'll learn best practices for mitigating the risk of fraud in corporate payment processes. We'll cover: * Both external and internal risks * Secure user right management * Safety of the technology foundation * Proactive approach:...
In-house Banking White paper (OpusCapita)

5th February 2020

Do you need to ensure both visibility and control of your company-wide cash flows and working capital? Are you looking for ways you can achieve treasury centralization? In this whitepaper, we focus on in-house banking as a means to deepen the centralization of your cash management processes. The topics we talk about: * The headaches of...