Imagine Software Inc.

Imagine Software provides real-time portfolio, risk management and regulatory solutions for financial firms worldwide. Imagine helps firms of all sizes and complexity navigate market risk, improve portfolio performance and provide regulatory transparency – all from one integrated platform.

Company Resources

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Video: CEO of Tabula IM talks about the fund launch and IT choices

5th March 2021

Watch Tabula CEO, Michael John Lytle talk about his new fund launch, what they needed from their technology vendor and the importance of configurability. Working in close partnership, Tabula implemented a full front-to-back integrated solution with bespoke workflows, reporting, and interfaces to support their fixed income ETF business. The project...
Case Study: Tabula Investment Management's IT solution for managing UCITS funds

5th March 2021

Tabula Investment Management needed a platform that could handle complex instruments using custom work flows to provide risk analytics, UCITS compliance, and fund reporting. Working in close partnership, Imagine and Tabula implemented a fully integrated solution with bespoke workflows, reporting, and interfaces to support Tabula’s ETF business in...
Case study: The Majid Al Futtaim Trust Family Office

5th March 2021

Family office's are increasingly turning to the same risk and portfolio management software trusted by large financial institutions to identify and monitor their investments. A wide array of investment options, including specialized and illiquid assets, and the need to manage their portfolios in the face of global volatility while preserving wealth...
Liabilities in the driver's seat: 12 key questions LDI managers should be asking

17th November 2020

Liability-driven investing has become increasingly popular across Europe and the U.S. as demographics present growing challenges for many pension plans. This new ebook analyses current market dynamics and answers the key questions of LDI managers while offering insight into how technology can help funds to better serve clients, improve operations...
Societe Generale & Imagine Software Create A Win-Win Risk Management System

5th June 2018

Imagine and Societe Generale worked in parallel on: model validation, technical integration, and sharing of datasets, as well as tailoring interfaces to user requirements. “The model validation, replication and transparency objectives are driven by Societe Generale’s regulatory needs,” says Alex Manguer, Societe Generale’s Global Head of...
Waters Names Imagine: Most Innovative Tech Vendor, Risk, Compliance & Reporting

20th March 2018

After winning the coveted vendor innovation category for risk, compliance and reporting at the American Financial Technology Awards, Anthony Malakian, Editor of Waters, interviews Imagine Software’s CEO, Lance Smith, to talk about risk, regulation, and what’s coming up in 2018.
The Hedge Fund Journal: Q&A with Scott Sherman

15th October 2015

One of Imagine's Software's founders, Scott Sherman, sits down with the Hedge Fund Journal to discuss his 22-year tenure, and Imagine's solutions for managing today's challenging market conditions.
Technology: Bridging Gaps Between Traditional & Alternative Worlds

4th May 2015

The convergence of alternative strategies and mutual fund requirements means that innovative technology solutions must be devised that can bridge the gap. Major service providers can use the strengths of their platforms, while others are developing specific applications for the ’40 Act space.
Q&A with Imagine Software around Customized Risk and Compliance Platform

25th September 2014

In July, Rothschild and Larch Lane jointly launched a liquid alternative fund, and in doing so, the hedge fund firms selected a customized risk and compliance platform from Imagine. Scott Sherman, a founding partner of Imagine and global head of sales and business development, explains how the technology necessary for these vehicles differs from...
Imagine's 40 Act Solution

14th November 2012

Imagine helps clients expand into new markets and meet regulatory demands with the only all-in-one 40 Act Solution that delivers the ability to simultaneously track real-time limits, perform stress tests and capture risk across the entire portfolio to spot and correct compliance breeches.