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Innovation in asset management: What is the future role of IT in AM?

13th July 2017

Download our forward-thinking eGuide to learn how: • Automated IT can free up the middle office to find new ways of adding value • Innovative analysis will enhance client reporting, performance, and risk management • Improved data management will enable asset managers to find alpha more easily Get your complimentary eGuide to learn how the...
Next Generation Performance Measurement: Best Practice for the AM Industry

27th January 2017

Next generation performance measurement: Future best practice for the asset management industry See how leading firms are using new technology to transform their data management. Performance measurement in asset management is notoriously complex, with 85% of firms reporting significant data issues. The good news is that a new generation of...
StatPro Revolution Brochure

1st April 2015

StatPro Revolution Brochure
StatPro Revolution: Risk Limits and Commitment Leverage Monitoring

26th March 2015

Regulation is putting pressure on asset managers. One of the most important events in the regulatory landscape has been the implementation of the AIFM Directive in 2014. StatPro’s risk limits and commitment leverage monitoring module calculates the commitment exposure of a portfolio, satisfying the complex rules designed for derivative...
Hedge Fund Technology: Competitive Advantage for Tomorrow

18th September 2014

The hedge fund industry stands on an inflection point. Whilst hedge funds are shedding their niche status and assets under management are growing fast, only the brightest funds will manage to leverage today’s challenges of spiraling costs, increasing client expectations, and a rising global compliance bill, to create competitive advantages for...