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ACI Worldwide is a global software company that provides mission-critical real-time payment solutions to corporations. 1,000+ of the largest financial institutions, intermediaries & global merchants rely on ACI to execute $14 trillion each day in payments and securities. Learn more at or @ACI_Worldwide

Company Resources

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on-demand Webinar: Banking on a Real-Time Balance System

15th January 2021

With growth of real-time payments comes increased demand for real-time data and a real-time customer experience. Real-time balance systems answer these demands by providing continuous availability to help banks give customers the most accurate account and up-to-date information at all times. In this webinar, experts from the payments industry...
Whitepaper: Making Real-Time Payments a Reality

15th January 2021

Immediate Payments Learnings from Around the World: With many markets already in advanced stages of immediate payments adoption and value realization, there’s a wealth of lessons at hand for banks, processors, acquirers and fintechs. In this whitepaper, explore how financial institutions can leverage important learnings from their predecessors...
on-demand Webinar: Real-Time and Central Infrastructures with STET + MASTERCARD

2nd November 2020

Listen to our exclusive panel of payment experts from ACI Worldwide, STET and MASTERCARD to see how Central Infrastructures can modernize to support today’s payments innovation. More than facilitating payments, central infrastructures (CIs) underpin entire economies – serving as either a gateway or roadblock to modernization. With payments...
on-demand Webinar: Need for Speed to Market: The Next Generation of Issuing

2nd November 2020

Listen to this recording to learn how issuers can remain front of digital wallet, and increase wallet share, across all channels. More competition, regulations, consumer expectations, payment types and channels – for issuers, the challenge of remaining relevant and at the center of the customer relationship has never been more complex. Experts...
Expanding the Horizons of Fraud Detection

23rd July 2020

Discover how network intelligence is driving unprecedented collaboration in the fight against payments fraud
eBook: Achieving Digital Differentiation Through Payments Risk Management

22nd July 2020

Achieving Digital Differentiation Through Payments Risk Management ACI’s latest eBook explores how a strong payments risk management strategy can enable financial institutions to mitigate cost pressures on digital transactions and capture growth. The three recommend areas of focus are: • Democratizing access to machine learning and leveraging...
eBook: Build a new future of Real-Time for your National Payments Network

25th June 2020

Building the Foundations of a Real-Time World Build a new future of real-time for your national payments network and see how countries around the world have or are planning to build their foundations for real-time growth. Learn the challenges and the opportunities to propel your payments network into the future and support the increased volumes...
on-demand Webinar: Real-time in the U.S - From possibility to opportunity

25th June 2020

2020 is the year that real-time payments become a serious business opportunity in the U.S. Listen to this webinar to learn why, and how to turn that into new revenues for your business. Featuring insights from ACI, The Clearing House, The U.S. Faster Payments Council and Microsoft.
on-demand Webinar: How can you benefit from Payments Modernization?

25th June 2020

The journey to real-time-ready is far from straightforward. Over the years, many financial institutions and intermediaries have developed engines in siloes, using stop-gap solutions to tactically solve problems as they emerge. As a result, systems are disparate and far from agile, this webinar with ACI, SWIFT, and VISA discusses those challenges...
on-demand Webinar: What can we learn from the P27 Opportunity?

19th June 2020

This on-demand webinar explores the P27 initiative and how to build a cutting-edge, cross-border payments system, encompassing multiple currencies and payment types, including real-time. Panelists: - John Ballantyne - Sr Product Manager, ACI Worldwide - Sabrina Small - Managing Consultant, Lipis Advisors - Krishnakumar Chandrashekaran - VP...