Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY) helps businesses pay and get paid. Businesses and banks rely on Bottomline for domestic and international payments, effective cash management tools, automated workflows for payment processing and state of the art fraud detection, behavioural analytics and regulatory compliance.

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Leveraging real-time payments digital ecosystems: Benefit from expanded access

7th January 2021

Explore trends in payment system access models & examine how the move toward open access can enable the next-generation of payment services. The 4 steps to success: • Choose the correct RTP model for your business • Build the RTP business case • Select the right implementation approach for your strategy • Transform your RTP strategy into...
Sibos 202O Cross Border Fireside Chat with Visa

9th October 2020

Visa and Bottomline discuss the evolution of and outlook for cross-border payments Correspondent banking traces its roots to the Italian Renaissance and trading routes through Florence. Just in time for Sibos, Payments Podcast speaks with Alan Koenigsberg, Global Head of New Payment Flows at Visa Business Solutions, and Rob Eberle, CEO,...
Webinar: 4 Steps to a Successful ISO 20022 Migration in APAC

9th October 2020

This webinar will identify the key strategies to ensure a smooth, structured transition to ISO 20022 that provides value and speed to market.
Webinar: ISO 20022, Optimising Functionality & Driving Improved Efficiency?

9th October 2020

This webinar will identify the key strategies to ensure a smooth, structured transition to ISO 20022 in Bangladesh that provides value and speed to market and how traditional banking models should evolve to capture additional value and move toward a more collaborative ecosystem that champions the value of a hosted solution and a “buy what you...
Webinar: Visa B2B Connect - Cross Border Payments Re-Imagined

9th October 2020

• What pain-points are Visa B2B Connect solving within cross border? • How much flexibility is there for banks within the solution and what is the expected positive impact on overall liquidity? • What is Visa’s short-term roadmap on-the-fly enrolment for Corporates and & Out-of-Network transactions? • What is the anticipated Speed...
Visa B2B Connect Infographic: Cross Border Payments Re-Imagined

9th October 2020

The challenges of Cross Border Payments The correspondent banking network of Nostro-Vostro accounts is a payment model (originally from the 15th Century in Florence for trading routes!) that has evolved over the years with a number of problems embedded in its operation.
Virtual Arena Podcast: SWIFT gpi & Universal Confirmations

9th October 2020

Eric Bayle, Head of the UK-based global transaction banking team for Société Générale, and Edward Ireland, Global Solution Lead for Bottomline Technologies, believe ISO 20022 and SWIFT gpi show that interoperability between cross-border payment schemes is not just desirable, but possible.
Blog: The evolution of UK Faster Payments

28th September 2020

Read Now: The evolution of UK Faster Payments: creating a level playing field for smaller financial institutions In a competitive world of payments modernization the evolution of UK faster payments creates a level playing field for smaller financial institutions. #payments #financialinstitutions #fintech #banking...
Podcast: Payment Modernization: “Are we nearly there yet?”

25th September 2020

This Payments Podcast will focus on payment transformation and the industry’s progress towards building a digital payments ecosystem. Marcus Hughes reviews a wide range of topics, such as: 1.13: COVID’s impact on the world of payments 8.26: ISO 20022 including timetables and main advantages 18.17: Real-time & Cross-border payments 29.20:...
Real-Time Payments Express

13th August 2020

Compliance and regulatory timescales have limited the number of new entrants to the Real-Time Payments ecosystem in the UK. As an alternative Bottomline offers access to the Faster Payments Scheme, via API connectivity without the need for scheme approval. Domestic customers and those outside the UK will be able to extend their reach to their UK...