Path Solutions

A Fintech digital solution provider serving 140+ Islamic FI across 40 countries with a comprehensive set of services that brings unique convergence of domain & technology. A global leader in AAOIFI-certified financial software along with development/implementation, consulting, support, training, & outsourcing services.

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Intelligent Banking by Path Solutions

27th July 2020

Path Intelligence is a platform that enables banks to harness data and analyze it intelligently using the enterprise data lake. It provides significant competitive advantages and helps transform the bank’s business into becoming analytically focused and customer-centric. It empowers bankers to make smarter, faster, and more effective decisions,...
Digital Banking by Path Solutions

23rd July 2020

Path Digital is a highly secure, open, scalable, flexible, robust, future-proof, easy-to-deploy, and comprehensive Omnichannel solution that unifies multiple channels providing a convenient, personalized, single, and seamless digital experience with services for retail, corporate, and investment banking. It provides comprehensive off-the-shelf...
Credit Risk & IFRS 9

11th March 2020

IFRS 9 is one of the most challenging standards in terms of human expertise, data requirements, and infrastructure needs. It is part of the “Big 3” – the three new difficult standards that need to be executed: 1. IFRS 9 Financial Instruments 2. IFRS 15 Revenues from Contracts with Customers 3. IFRS 16 Leases. Download today to find out why...
Mohammed Kateeb on banking and the changing FinTech ecosystem

19th August 2019

bobsguide speaks with Mohammed Kateeb, Group Chairman and CEO of Path Solutions that featured prominently in bobsguide Rankings 2018 in the Islamic banking, ease of using the system, customer support, and modelling categories. Click download to find out more.
Mohammed Kateeb features in the June edition of INTO AFRICA

19th August 2019

In an exclusive interview with INTO AFRICA, Mohammed Kateeb, Path Solutions’ Group Chairman & CEO shares that, “As pioneers and experts in Islamic banking software solutions and services, we often lead our clients by advising them on what world-class solutions look like. Our vision is to empower our clients with a powerful and innovative...
Exclusive Interview with Mohammed Kateeb, Group Chairman & CEO of Path Solutions

19th August 2019

Speaking to REDmoney’s IFN publication, Mohammed Kateeb, the Group Chairman & CEO of the Number One Islamic Banking Software Provider - Path Solutions, said that the company is capitalizing on today’s digital opportunities. Path Solutions is also partnering with key players and creating startups to address some advanced financial services and...
Path Solutions' iMAL Islamic core banking platform

27th May 2019

Path Solutions’ iMAL Islamic Banking & Investment System is a powerful core banking platform specifically built from the ground up to support Sharia banking operations with vertical applications and delivery channels. It has been designed to meet the complex requirements of today’s Islamic financial institutions of any size, operating in any...
Path Solutions - Corporate Profile

27th May 2019

Path Solutions is a Fintech solution provider serving 140+ Islamic financial institutions across 39 countries with a comprehensive set of services that brings unique convergence of domain and technology. The company’s new age initiatives – Digital & Social Banking, Mobility, Business Analytics, Risk Management & Compliance solutions cater to...
iMAL*RiskManagement - Manage Your Risk Effectively With Path Solutions

13th March 2019

iMAL*RM is a standalone risk management platform that allows financial institutions to set up their enterprise risk management framework which covers credit, market, liquidity and operational risks. iMAL*RM provides a powerful, highly parameterized, and yet easy-to-use solution for several risk areas and compliance requirements. It allows...