Case Studies


Case study: Munnypot

11th July 2019

Company: Five Degrees
Read all about five°degrees’ Matrix at UK disruptor Munnypot. Here's what Andrew Fay - co-founder Munnypot - has to say: “Matrix, from the point-of-view of managing the data and ensuring the correct flow of that data, is a robust platform, bringing a good level of stability and playing an important role.” read more

Metso Case Study

11th July 2019

Company: Analyste
Metso has been Analyste's solutions for several years. Analyste has helped them to identify and hedge foreign currency exposures as soon as they arise. read more

FundCount Case Study: Providing Accounting Software to PKF O’Connor Davies

11th July 2019

Company: FundCount
FundCount's comprehensive accounting and reporting software seamlessly integrates all investment and partnership accounting through a single general ledger. It enables PKF O'Connor Davies' multi-family office and fund administration businesses to support funds, endowments, private foundations, family offices and other clients regardless of... read more

Brand New Day Case Study - Building a new digital bank in 5 months.

27th June 2019

Company: Five Degrees
Brand New Day is a Dutch challenger focused on disrupting the pension business in the Netherlands. In 2015 the company took the decision to develop an online pension bank for private individuals. After several months, the company choose five°degrees' Matrix accounts to run its savings products. In this case study, you will learn why Brand New Day... read more

Success Story | Payments | 1-System Solution for Group-wide Payments

24th June 2019

Company: BELLIN
How Bilfinger replaced 20+ e-banking + treasury systems, standardized payments and saved 15% in bank fees, 30% processing costs, 50% administrative efforts. read more

Success Story | Payments | Efficient, Secure, Cost-effective Payments

24th June 2019

Company: BELLIN
BELLIN client Schuco’s three-pronged solution for international payments: with EBICS, Global XML und Global EBICS to efficient, transparent, secure and cost-effective payment processing in 25 countries using tm5. read more

Blue Chip - Wyelands Bank case study

21st May 2019

Blue Chip - Wyelands Bank case study «OLYMPIC Banking System - an example of use in an IaaS context» read more

Angus Scott – The new imperative: Active liquidity management

29th April 2019

CLS’s Angus Scott outlines the industry and regulatory drivers requiring banks to more effectively and efficiently manage liquidity intraday; as well as the internal and external solutions which can help them to achieve this. Read the article: The new imperative: Active liquidity management >>... read more

Argenta Case Study

27th March 2019

Company: Five Degrees
Argenta is a banking and insurance group operating across Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. In 2015, Argenta recognized that there was room for growth if it could operate as a modern digital bank that could respond quickly to market demands. In this case study, you will discover why Argenta is certain that the Matrix platform was the best... read more