A practical 10 step-guide to collateral management

29th June 2017

Company: CloudMargin
This Practical Guide to Collateral Management white paper will cover all fundamental aspects concerning the management of collateral, the associated risks, and opportunities, as well as the key topics involved in establishing and running a collateral management function. read more

An Internationally ‘Local’ Future

27th June 2017

Company: Saxo Payments
Our white paper 'Cross Border Payments for Cross Border Merchants – An Internationally ‘Local’ Future' highlights the challenges faced by merchants and the potential impact of them being held back on the global economy as a result of the correspondent banking model. read more

SQL vs. NoSQL vs. NewSQL

26th June 2017

Company: VoltDB
First there was SQL. Then along came NoSQL. And over the last decade, we’ve seen the emergence of NewSQL. Each database offers their own unique benefits, but are you aware of their drawbacks? In this whitepaper, we dig into the key differences between SQL, NoSQL and NewSQL and explore related topics, including: - The basics of NoSQL - The... read more

Strategy Guide: Fast Data in Financial Services

26th June 2017

Company: VoltDB
Whether you need to move from near real-time to real real-time data processing, or you’re looking for master data management to achieve a Single Source of Truth, there are a number of use cases for fast data in today’s financial services institutions. In this strategy guide, we take a look at three trends FinServ incumbents should be aware of... read more

Technical Overview: VoltDB for Financial Services

26th June 2017

Company: VoltDB
Financial services organizations have multiple masters: regulators, investors, customers, and internal business users. All create, monitor, and require access to vast amounts of data, which must be immediately accessible, always-correct, and stored for varying periods of time. For FinServ companies, data is currency. In this resource, we take a... read more

PSD2: How Banks Can Thrive in a Shifting Market

21st June 2017

Company: AEVI
In this new white paper industry leaders, AEVI, explain how banks should respond to PSD2, so that consumers are able, and encouraged, to continue using their banks as their main financial institution. read more

Could your bank cashier soon be replaced by chatbots?

20th June 2017

Company: Auriga
50 years on from the first ATM, which started the technological disruption of the banking industry, Auriga has written an article looking at the future of artificial intelligence for customer service within the financial sector. AI looks set to become central to how banks operate. Recently, one major report by consulting firm Accenture predicted AI... read more

Research: Instant Payments and the post PSD2 landscape

19th June 2017

Company: Icon Solutions
This ground-breaking study, delivered by Ovum, quantifies the detrimental effect Instant Payments and PSD2 will have on traditional credit and debit card payments in Europe and provides the only quantitative insights into exactly how and when this decline will take place. It also shows how Instant Payments under PSD2 will change the way consumers... read more

Choosing the Right In-Memory Computing Solution

16th June 2017

Company: GridGain Systems
Many companies are looking to IMC solutions to help them process and analyze massive data sets in real time. IMC technology can take many forms: data grids, in-memory databases, and streaming analytics processing and more. An emerging third generation of IMC solutions includes comprehensive in-memory computing platforms which offer all of these... read more

Alternative Finance - Innovative payments processing as an enabler to growth

12th June 2017

Company: Modulr
The Alternative Finance and non-bank lending market has grown massively quickly in recent years. In the UK, peer to peer (P2P) business lending increased at an average rate of 194% between 2013 and 2015 and reached around £2.5 billion in 2016. Meanwhile Euro volumes came close to €1 billion in 2016, up 85% year on year. Download the Modulr... read more